Boko Haram in Sub Saharan Africa , by Kelly Engambe

Nowadays, many sensible subject are not so easy to develop with people, because they are subjected to censorship, and particurlarly because we don’t benefit many times of different opinions about these subject. It was time to break down the fronteers of information and being open on other opinions.

This interview permit me to question , Kelly Engambe, the son of Anguios Nganguia Engambe, leader and president of the PAR (Parti pour l’Action de la République Mâ, in the Republic of Congo. Customs officer and consultant beside monetary institution, Mr Engambe is famous as a well informed politician. He prepare an aim at the presidency of the Republic of Congo.Pere Kels

(Anguios Nganguia Engambe, president of PAR)

Kelly Engambe, student in a business school in Paris (France), accepted to responde to my questions. As the son of a leader of a political party, he follow the activities of his father, and is a brillant student, and have no cause to envy of his father
It really was an honnour for me to interview the son of such a politician for this project.


(Kelly Engambe,
         son of Anguios Nganguia Engambe)

The first point we focused on was around the terrosrism in Sub Saharan Africa, and more particularly the most heated subject which make news : Boko Haram, the terrorist group. First of all, to explain what we name by « Sub Saharian Africa », I will explain that this is the major part situated at the south of the Sahara desert. This area embrace many states of Africa, that we name ‘’Black Africa’’.

On the question of terrorism threat and it evolution through the years in Sub SaharanAfrica, Mr Engambe talked to me about about many changes on the military procedures and the objectives of terrorism organization in Sub Saharian Africa. He compared Boko Haram with others terrorists organizations, especially with ‘’AQMI’’ and ‘‘Al Shabbaab’’ through the years, and what kind of changes he observed : « Since some years, an organized terrosrism tend more and more toward a military model with a special objective : to dominate a state and impose on this territory an fundamentalist ideology. Boko Haram is the production and the fruiting of a fragmented and an unstable word where a massive terrorism appears. Here, we talked about a terrorism based on the idea of a radical Islam. Boko Haram can be consider as an advance version of organizations like ‘’Al Shabbaab’’ or ‘’AQMI’’. They have at one’s disposition money and developed weapons at state of the art, which make them more dangerous than ‘’AQMI’’ for example 10 years ago. They have access to the social network and the evolution of Internet too. Boko Haram is like a 2.0 version of the other ones »

Then, I carried on the expansion of Boko Haram in Sub SaharanAfrica and the threat that can represent the group in the future for the Democratic Republic of Congo. We discussed during a few times about the supervision at the fronteers beetween the different countries in Sub Saharian Africa. I understood by his responses and his explications how fragile was the fronteers, because many time Africa face with the lack of control at the fronteers of many countries, and above all by the corruption in the nigeria army, that represent a scourge and is partially responsible of the expansion of the different extremist group. After this, he let me though indirectly that Boko Haram was a danger for every country, and not only the west part of Sub Saharian Africa : « Since 2002, Boko Haram made around 10000 dead people in Sub Saharan African, and more than 1 million of refugee. And I think that Boko Haram control a territory around 40000km2 , that is just unbelievable. Of course, if the African Union doesn’t undertake drastics perspectives, it could be a danger not only for Sub Saharian African and Congo, but for the others continent too ». I personally wanted to check the figures gave by Mr Engambe, and the result was more terrifying that what he said : Boko Haram control a 50000 km2 territory in Sub Saharian Africa, and made around 13000 dead people since it creation.
The last aspect I focused on for this topic was by questionning him on the complacently or not, in general, of the means use to stop this organization. Many african government express their support to the Nigerian government in this quest of the destruction of Boko Haram. In spite of that, terrorism always growth day by day in this area.

Marwan Jaber, Sub Saharan Africa


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