Immigration: Is the EU doing enough to tackle the issue?

On Sunday the 18th of April the world saw the worst immigration incident ever to occur in the Mediterranean. Two men have been arrested aged 27 years old and a 25 year old. It is has been confirmed that 800 people lost their lives. There is thought to only have been 27 survivors who were taken to the Sicilian coast of Catania on Monday evening.

It is believed that the ship capsized due to overcrowding. The boat had originally crashed. To add to the collision, when a Portuguese flagged ship came to help the overcrowded ship. It is thought the migrants on the ship moved position too fast causing the boat to become unbalanced.  The two men who were the organizer of the ship will be charged with accounts of people trafficking and reckless multiple homicide.

Amongst those who lost those lives in this tragic yet preventable event were children between the young ages of ten years old and twelve years old. The other twenty five survivors are being taken good care of and are to request asylum within the next few weeks.

The European Union (EU) have had the issue of immigration ever since the creation of Europe as a whole. The European Union faces issues of demographic pressures, identity and immigration policies, and a creation of a policy on Immigration to suit all 28 countries involved in the European Union. Currently the European Union are reviewing The 1951 Refugee convention. This is to solve any issues that are occurring with the application of this act to real life cases. At the moment within the European Union to gain citizenship within an EU country is very difficult even with  all the diverse rules from different countries. However this recent horrific event has made aware the severity of the problem of immigration.

From this event it is reported that more boats carrying hundreds more of migrants have passed through these seas. For example, Greece coast guards picked up three separate vessels carrying around 126 migrants. A few days later another yacht which was thought to be carrying around another 90 people.

This tragic event has made it aware how much of a problem immigration really is within the EU. This tragedy has taken place just after the emergency meeting of the EU interior and foreign ministers in Luxembourg. The meeting was to discuss and launch military actions on immigrant issues within and around Libya. There also been a push for the use of more naval ships to check the coast of Mediterranean to save more potential lives who are trying to get into Europe this way.

One concern has become clear from all this tragedy is that immigration is a clear issue and needs to be tackled sooner rather later as more lives are at risks each and every day.


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