ISIS Stoned to Death Two Homosexual Men

“Once again, the atrocity of ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) continues with the murder of two homosexual men in Syria. They were stoned to death in front of the population, who also supported the execution.”


(This video is form the CNN)

The 24th April 2015 in the city of Homs (Syria) two men gay were murdered by the terrorist organization ISIS. The executioners and their followers tried to show the rest of the community what is done to the people that have those sexual preferences.

Before the two men were killed, the ISIS followers told them that they were going to be absolved of their accusations. However, a few seconds later, when the two men were celebrating their freedom, the perpetrators started to throw stones steeply until their death.

The two gay men that were killed when their ISIS’ executers told them they were going to be absolved.

These two people were condemned under the Islamic Law, Sharia, which is a code of conduct for all the Islamic people. Homosexuality is a huge violation of the Islamic Law and it must be punished according to the most fundamentalists’ followers.

Although this terrorist organization was created in 2004 it started to take action in 2013 with numerous war crimes, which clearly violate human rights (public executions, murders collective of certain kind of people, punish the unbelievers…).

According to the last research of the Huffington Post in 2014 “the number of killings (700) Islamic Sate militants reportedly carried out in a spam of just 14 days”. Moreover, according to a research article of BBC, ISIS justifies their brutal actions basing their ideas on some Koranic verses: “striking off the heads” of unbelievers. But these assumptions have failed in the support of other fundamentalism Islamic organizations, like Al-Qaeda, that has not supported them in their leaps of faith.

ISIS has exploited the situation that USA and the European Union left in this region. The drawdown of its troops has made the situation uncontrollable and ISIS has created a perfect and structured organization, which is being the biggest threat of our days. The actual situation is influenced by its radical thoughts based on the idea of resurrecting the Caliphate of the times of the Prophet Muhammad in a huge area like southern Spain and Morocco to Pakistan and parts of India. In conclusion, creating a new State without taking into account Western ideas.

Furthermore, the situation in the Security Council in the UN is quite confused due to the fact of the support of Russia to Bashar al-Assad (president of Syria). Because of this, the Security Council is limited in its actuation because of the right of veto that Russia has as a member of the UN.

Taking the abovementioned into account USA has recently created a new coalition with the European Union against ISIS. But Bashar al-Assad is not supporting this new agreement arguing that he is not going to support countries, which also support terrorist groups, referring in his speech to South Arabia and its relationship with the Wahabis, and Turkey and the crossing of terrorists into neighbouring countries through its borders. That is why the situation for ISIS would not be favourable if this coalition take place.


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