The Reasons Why Imigrants Fled To Europe

The 18th of April a ship carrying between 700 and 900 people sank in the Italian waters, illegal immigration throughout the Mediterranean Sea from the Middle-Eastern countries such as Palestine, Syria and Iraq has become a problem and resulted in incidents causing thousands of deaths. War terror and the governmental situations’ in those countries has caused these people to leave their home countries to Europe, in hope of a better life.

The illegal immigration started from the creation of the radical islamic State insurgents and the mass war breakouts within the middle eastern countries which was maybe due to the Arab spring.

The leaders of these problematic countries are Fuad Maum that is the current Leader of Iraq who at the moment is more concentrated on the war with the Islamic State. Another important leader in the region is Al-Asad the dictator of Syria who is also tackling the IS and facing an adverse political situation. The third leader in the region is Mahmoud Abbas dealing with the Holy war against Israel famously known as the Gaza Strip.

In Syria at the moment there is a very bad situation, the regime that is in power struggles to fight the war against the Islamic State, however the “president” Al-Asad has guaranteed his officials the adapt measures to sustain the war.

In Iraq the government is also having problems tackling the Islamic State who have taken civilian lives from numerous bombing and has destroyed important governmental national buildings to try and gain power.

In Palestine, young children, women and men are being innocently killed over the holy war with Israel, there is a continuous battle.The governments have attempted to call cease fire but this has been constantly broken.

People have been migrating from the ports of Libya to get to Europe, within these countries as there have been several issues.  It is because of the war and terror in these copuntries which is forcing people to migrate and events like this have happned due to this.

The boat sinking causing Hundred of deaths within the mediterranean was captained by Mohamed Al Malek who was human trafficking illegal immigrants.

The boat capsized due to overcrowing of illegal immigrants, the boat left Tripoli at 8 am and by 10 pm in the evening the ship  started having problems. The boat collided with other container ships at night as imigrants where coming up and down to get air and this was shaking the boat. The captain also made steering mistakes which made the ilegal imiigrants scared and made them move all around the ship. Which caused it the boat to tip over and to sink causing 700-800 deaths.  There were many nationalties upon this boat including syrians,palestinians, iraqies and many more.

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The boat capsizieing.


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