“Fifty prisoners and twelve Iraqi policemen were killed during an escape on Friday night in the prison of Al Khalis, near Baghdad. Some of them during the hunt of dozens of prisoners who tried to escape.”

Iraqi officials argued that the jihadists of the Islamic State (ISIS) were the heads of the organized escape. “ISIS is responsible for these deaths and the escape of some of its members who were detained”, said the mayor of the city.

Earlier in the day, the spokesman of the Interior Ministry gave a meeting with the journalists explaining the current situation and the death of thirty six guards and inmates. The news agency AMAQ, near of the Islamic State, also reports that the jihadi movement is behind this operation. The activists that were equipped with explosives entered in the prison to release thirty detainees and after all of this, they were able to reach the armory. In addition, shiite militiamen attacked the prison and sixty jihadists were killed during the fighting.

On Saturday, the terrorist group said in a statement in their forums that “they have led an attack which concludes to the release of over 30 prisoners”, exalting the chant of a sentiment of proud.

The inmates began to fight between them and the guards intervened. Then, the prisoners attacked the guards, took their weapons and they mutinied after looting the armoury of the prison. The authorities imposed a night curfew in Al Khalis and searching home by home in order to find the fugitives.

“The lack of information is the main explanation for this escape. If we had had information, this would not have happened,” said the mayor of Al Khalis, Uday al-Khadrane. According to this piece of news, 42 prisoners escaped, meanwhile 35 were killed in the conflict. Also six members of the security forces and three civilians, who came to help, were killed. Some of the 88 prisoners were held, including a significant number of dangerous terrorists during the attack.


Civilians and security forces inspect the scene of a car bomb explosion in Karrada neighborhood

Some of the 300 men were convicted because of acts of terrorism and they were serving their sentence in the prison of Al Khalis, 80 km northeast of the Iraqi capital. The head of the security services in the province of Diyala, said: “I am not able to tell if there were important prisoners among them who succeeded to escape”.

Those prisoners had been transferred there a year ago from a Diyala prison, the provincial capital, according with the testimony of Mr. Khadrane. At the time of the transfer, Mr. Khadrane opposed to the project because of the location of the cells. They were too close to the main road and were an easy target, but the authorities did not listen to him. “What happened is dangerous, because Al Khalis is known to be a stable and safe city but clandestine cells develop in safe places, out of control ” concluded the Mayor referring to other jihadist groups like Al-Qaeda or ISIS.

The breakouts are common in the country, especially over the last two years. In July 2013, coordinated assaults against two important prisons near Baghdad had enabled more than 500 inmates to escape, marking a turning point in the rise of ISIS. This organization controls large parts of Iraq. Rapid offensives by the terrorist group in June 2014 resulted in further escapes that allowed EI recruit hundreds of former Sunni prisoners, including in the cities of Tikrit and Mosul, in northern Iraq .


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