François Hollande and leader Fidel Castro along with his brother the President of cuba, Raúl Castro gathered in a historic visit that France was the first country of the European Union approach to Cuba.

This 11th of May Mr Hollande was the first French president during a 5-day stay to  visit Cuba since 1898 as well as the Western European leader on the Cuban island since the eighties. This meeting has taken place five months after the declaration between Havana and Washington, focusing on the re-enforcement of the business and diplomatic relations between France.cuba and france pic

President Hollande started the day by giving the head of the catholic church in Cuba, Jaime Ortega, the french Legion of Honuor award. Later Hollande held a speech for an audience at the University of Havana following an encounter with Fidel Castro at his home. This meeting was attended by the first Cuban vice President, Miguel Díaz–Canel and the Governments of France and Cuba.

As new opportunities open for Cuba as a result of their relation with the United States growing better and better. Furthermore other nations will start looking at Cuba in a different light and try and exploit the opening of a new country to the world. The french president said “ he wanted to be the first among European nations, and the first among Western nations, to be able to say to the Cubans that we will be at their side if they decide themselves to take needed steps toward opening up”.

France will try and achieve this by announcing a plan to double the number of scholarship to be able to give cuban scholars to continue their studies in France and also increasing academic and scientific cooperation between the two nations. In addition to these measures both presidents have talked about opportunities in other international sectors, along with this, Francois Hollande said that it not only intends to strengthen relations with cuba but also want to enlarge and thus overcome future stages.

A very important step for the future of Cuba is that President Holland has asked his country’s support for the deletion of the embargo imposed by the United States. “Everything that can make France to allow new, decisions confirming that opening, that those measures which caused much damage to Cuba could finally cancelled, deleted, so that each country will be respected with its own identity, this is what we have to do” François Hollande.


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