The execution of “Bali nine”

bali nine

It all began in 2005, when nine Australian were arrested for smuggling more than eight kilograms of heroin out of Indonesia. In 2006, most of them were sentenced to death.

On April of this year, Indonesia executed eight of the “Bali nine” for drug traffic despite the high international rejection. Seven of them were foreigners, and the other one was Indonesian.

The execution was produced in the Penal Island of Nusa Kambangan, known as the Execution Island. The eight members imputed, rejected the blindfold, according to religious testimony that assisted to the act. Familiars were affected deeply since they were waiting for clemency, but only Mary Jane Veloso got that opportunity.

Their names: Zainal Abidin, Indonesian; the Australians Andrew Chan and Myuran Sucumaran; Rodrigo Gularte, Brazilian; the Nigerian Sylvester Obiekwe Nwolise, Raheem Agbaje Salami and Okwudili Oyatance; and finally the Ghanaian Martin Anderson.

The relation between Indonesia and the resident countries of the accused parties will not be the same since these executions, and they are considering what type of measures to adopt.

The Abbott’s words about the executions were “cruel and unnecessary”.

In spite of the discussion on the social networks that mentiones an sporadic movement that could affect the economic system between Australia and Indonesia, this possibility was rejected because Indonesian Minister said that “For Indonesia, Australia is a very important fellow and I think for Australia, Indonesia is a very important fellow too”.

Only one of the “Bali nine”, called Mary Jane Veloso from the Philippines, is still alive. She always considered that she was misled by a mafia, which used her like a “drug mule” in 2010 with the promise of fast money. Her boss in Filipina turned herself into the authorities, accused of human traffic and fraud. The assistance of Veloso as a witness was necessary. The execution was postponed, and they called this unexpected change “The miracle of the night”. For Veloso’s family it was incredible good news.

The Widodo Government adduced that almost 18.000 Indonesian die every year for drugs consumption and the drug squad is welcome for the population.

“We are fighting against the horrible crimes in relation with drugs, that threaten the national survival” – said the Attorney General Mohammad Prasetyo – “An execution isn`t pleasant. It is not an enjoyable work. But it must be done to save the country for the danger that drugs implies”.


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