Progress of the World‘s Women, transforming economies, Realizing rights.

Two months ago U.N. Woman released a new report called “Progress of the World’s Women 2015-2016, Transforming Economies, Realizing Rights” which exposes the consensus on the need to achieve gender equality and how since 2009 regions have begun to empower women and girls. Luiza Carvalho, the U.N. Women’s regional director of Latin America and the Caribbean draws special attention on how Latin America showed the most progress in empowering women through progressive labor laws in pay gap in particularly in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador and Uruguay. Now women earn 19% less than men when they used to earn 40% less.

Although it is a large progress, is closing the economic gap enough for this gender injustice? Last week, one of our colleges was explaining her trip to Buenos Aires to visiting her family, she said “It amazes me how men sexualized women on the streets. Everywhere I looked women were treated as a beauty product, and even if I was walking with my mom men would whistle at me and comment on my body or things they would do to me”. Not only economic inequality should be change, but also the cultural concept of women in Latin America.
Gallup conducted a survey in explaining how respect and dignity was lacking for women in Latin America: Less than half of adults in 17 of the 22 Latin American countries surveyed in the past two years said women are treated with respect and dignity in their own countries. Also anther survey conducted by the PEW showed that both men and women agreed with the statement that “a wife must always obey her husband – only in Argentina (31%), Chile (24%) and Uruguay (23%) opposed.

In the survey conducted by “Progress of the World’s Women 2015-2016, Transforming Economies, Realizing Rights” said that the transformation of the Latin-American economy should begin with social changes taking into account the power of women and thus will build strong generations who support women’s rights. Therefore women may have good jobs with safe working conditions and good pensions in the future because unfortunately the 83% of women are engaged in domestic works.

Woman progress could be supported by educating the Latin American population, that the issue of education was the main topic in the Commission on the status women Social and legal. The main objective is to seek equality between men and women in the economic, political and social spheres but also supporting the rights of girls and strengthening education.

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