Watching Latinoamerica with Cesar Lajud

Madrid, Karen Santillan Rivero.

Interview to César Lajud Desentis.

¨The key for the developmente always will be the dialogue…

Degree in Economics, graduated from the National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico, account various post-graduate courses at the Instituto Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, Mexico, Kenshu Center in Yokohama, Japan and the Ministry of Trade of Sweden. He has worked as Commercial Counsellor of Mexico in Spain, Venezuela, California, USA and Cuba. As well as Director at the National Foreign Trade Bank in defining strategies for international promotion. coordination and administration offices abroad. He has served as Consul General of Mexico in San Francisco, California, International Consultant and Director of Business Development at Microsoft. Now, he is professor of the UEM.

During this interview we talk about points of interest and about Latin America today, especially in economic and diplomatic issues and their views on recent actions by some countries as the United States.

Photography of Cesar Lajud

In relación of the Nicaragua Canal, he said that the first thing to consider is that the process of building the next canal of Nicaragua, certainly should have a positive impact on the economy of the región and the country in particular, obviously this process on the other hand allow the investment matures has been done in the Panama Canal : ¨(…)I think that the space could capture in terms of market the Grand Canal is also interesting, there’s space for both possibilities, it would be complementary to what already exists, there will be a great competition with the old canal, first insist the process of construction and development after consolidation, surely this will greatly help the industry shipping industry to have greater opportunities and more alternatives to cross the Atlantic to the Pacific and vice versa.¨ (..)

Cesar Lajud talk me about the agreements between Nicaragua and Rusia in the military aspect and said that ¨(…)countries are sovereign to sign agreements with whom consider wise¨(…)  , I think that as the Chinese president is doing in some Latin American countries, certainly he said that  there will be interests of both countries on cooperation in the matter, somehow¨ it’s like when you have alternatives to provide you with a product, is the same in the arms industry,¨ the Russian suppliers could be interesting for them.

He wrote recently an article really interesting about Venezuela and the risks  of the economic collapse, he said that in this article Venezuela have to do with the economic develop life in the short and medium term of Venezuela and one of the central proposals is the need to seek agreements for overcoming the problems currently Venezuela, as are the inflation on the one hand and on the other the exchange rate is too los and the problem of economic growth that also has to do.

¨(…)With that I want to tell you that when I raised the need for agreement I´m referring to the social sectors, the government, the business sector a number of concrete actions are allowed to address the shortage, the rise in commodity prices, increasing in the interest rates by the government, the actual possibility of easier access to foreign exchange by enterprises and the general population. What I insist on is that through dialogue can solve many things.¨(…) explained Lajud.

Moreover, on the American sanctions against Venezuela, there is there an internal decisión by the United States which considers the country on that list, that is not nice, if your time comes Venazuela and is bringing to Cuba the same list,  is internal sovereign decisión of the United States that tells you that it is not the best posibes relations and there is a significant need to find points of convergence and the internal case also outward.

During the interview he talked too about the new relations between U.S and Cuba and the economic changes after this, and he says that ¨It’s a very positive for both countries step is a step of great importance to the increased trade to increased economic relations and investment and other very important thing that there is a significant Cuban population in Florida, as that will open eyes on both sides of the Caribbean that allows greater flow of people, trade and economic exchange achieve better results for both countries. No doubt that is a significant step, as Obama also said: ¨(…) I do not like this law, which I have more time, I mean the law is older than I (….) It is also a way of seeing things,  it is an anachronistic and the blockade is also surely , the restoration which hopefully short term, allow better communication between the two countries.

One of the last questions was about Colombia and the recently atack of las FARC to some military elements of Colombia, Cesar Lajud says that, ¨what is happening in Colombia certainly has noticed President Santos, the best way to resolve this issue which has quite a few years and that is a tragedy for all that in a war no one wins, certainly the dialogue is very important, so much so that have had an important dialogue in Colombia constantly, even in these days the FARC said lifting the ceasefire in general, which can generate high fighting, I’ll tell you that in the military forcé and armed struggle lose all the population the government and even the FARC.

Cesar  Lajud concludes the interview saying  ¨ I always think that the best solution is dialogue.¨


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