Eritrean man shot and lynched to death by mistake in Israeli bus station

A security guard killed an Eritrean asylum seeker in an Israeli bus station, believing that he was an attacker on Sunday, October 18th. The man finally died of his wounds on Monday.

Mulu Harbtom Zerhom, an Eritrean immigrant, was standing at a bus station in Israel when a security guard shot him by mistake while bystanders brutally kicked him at the head and threw a set of chairs at him. As paramedics tried to rescue him, the bystanders shouted “Death to Arabs”, “Arabs out” and “Am Israel Hai” and tried to stop them in their efforts to rescue. Before the incident, a deadly attack had happened at the same place when an IsraeliArab was shot dead, which made the security guard think that the Eritrean immigrant was suspicious.

According to Amnesty International, “Zerhom was targeted simply because of the color of his skin. He was a victim of racism and xenophobia, who just happened to be at the scene of a terrorist attack. Amnesty demands that the Israeli police should arrest those involved in the murder of Zerhom, and to bring them to justice”. The rights group thinks that the incident is not an isolated case.

Since early October, attacks in Israel have been quite common, as Palestinians have carried out several shootings and stabbings lately. The aim of both sides is to impose their religions and have the sovereignty of the territory that they think corresponds to them, so as the water resources. In order to achieve their aims, they have been killing each other for years.This attack is a result of the ambivalence of the atmosphere and the tensions between both sides. Even if the Eritrean man was mistakenly murdered it can be a result of prejudices, religious conflicts, and repeated attacks. This event creates more fear between both communities and adds tension to the conflict, which can end up with further tragedies.

Despite the fact that security measures have been tightened inside the country, including blocking roads and placing checkpoints, Palestinians have asked for international protection over Israel. Moreover, France has been pressing for a United Nations’ proposal, based on including the presence of international observers that will assure that Human Rights are practically implemented.

According to the New York Times “Hanan Ashrawi, a member of the Palestine Liberation Organization’s executive committee, told reporters in the West Bank city of Ramallah on Monday that the Palestinians welcomed the French initiative for international observers”

However, Israel and Palestine seem far from reconciliation due to the incompatibility of their interests. Israel’s prime minister, Mr. Netanyahu argues that the Palestinian leader, Mr. Abbas, is fomenting violence against his community.

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