The meeting between China & UK

President Xi’s visit to the UK this week marks the first time a Chinese head of state has visited the country in over a decade, and demonstrates the increased willingness of David Cameron’s Conservative government to lessen its dependency on EU trade.

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China’s President Xi Jinping is visiting United Kingdom in a 4 days-trip (from Tuesday 20-October to Friday 23-October) in order to star a “golden era” between the two countries. This is the first official visit of the Chinese President to UK in the last decades. Xi is going to be given the royal tour and is meeting with the Queen, the Prime Minister, members of the Houses of Parliament,the most relevant politicians, royal family members, and some of the most relevant people of UK, like sports and film stars or scientists that have won the Nobel price. The Tuesday, the Queen gave a state banquet in Buckingham Palace, in London. Thursday he is going to visit Manchester with Duke of York and Chancellor George Osbourne and Prime Minister David Cameron.

This economic relationship is good for both countries. England is going to have a new investor in his markets that will improve his economy, China now represent the 3.6% of the exports of goods and services in England. China, in The Guardians words, has a slowly economic growth that is trying to be superadded investing in the English nuclear energy. China also has plans to introduce his business in Europe faster as China´s business can.

“China looks forward to engaging with the UK in a wider range, at a higher level and in greater depth.” said Xi to Reuters.

According to The Guardian, China and the UK are going to debate about 150 deals, including healthcare, aircraft manufacturing and energy, with a new nuclear power plant at Bradwell in Essex. UK Government, through the official webpage, has said that more than 30 billion of commercial deals are going to be set. The Telegraph has said that China is preparing to invest 105 billion pounds by 2025. Besides that, China and UK are going to talk about the cheap steel from China, and their impact in Europe and the Steel industry of Europe.

This improvement in the relations between China and UK will also have positive impacts in the relations between China and the European Union, as UK is one of the most important and relevant countries of the EU, and could lead to the creation of new multilateral relations between Chin-EU. This year, 2015, marks the 40th anniversary of the official diplomatic relations between EU and China. Reuters haspicked up the statements made by some Chinese diplomats, that have express the hope that the UK remains in the EU, in order to consolidate economically and politically for having less risk, and could make some pressure to maintain it.

“The potential for China-EU cooperation is immense, not just in business and economic cooperation, but also on global stage,” said Shada Islam, director of policy of the think-tank Friends of Europe.

The relationship between China and UK had hade an increase in the last decade, since UK has becoming the first European country in issued sovereign bonds in Renminbi and joined the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank  (AIIB)

In other hand, Amnesty International and other groups working for human rights in China, have gathered to protest at St James’ Park on Tuesday and are expected to also be a protest in favour of China.

Prince Charles, meanwhile, has not attended the banquet, amid reports of concern about the situation in Tibet.

Authors: Alejandro Cordeiro, Salem Eradad, Alvaro Rubio, Sandra Merino, and Marta Hervás.

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