Iran is finally invited for talks about Syria’s situation with US, Russia and Europe

On Wednesday 30th of October, Russia, the United States and other European countries have invited Iran to join discussions in Vienna about the Syrian conflict in order to find a political resolution. This engagement was pressed by Russia since Iran is the only other major power giving military support to Bashar Al-Assad’s government. According to the New York Times, Seniors American Officials have realized the importance of Iran participating in a possible political succession, which cannot happen without Tehran’s involvement.

Furthermore, America has reported Iran’s activities in Syria including its support for Syria’s government and for Hezbollah terrorist group. This was the reason behind America´s decision to keep Iran away from the conversation but leaving Iran out was simply ignoring reality according to one senior American diplomat.

The Russian military intervention in Syria changed the parameters of the competition. The rest of the countries are now concerned about what is happening there. So that is where the concept of religion appears. In fact, the Arab World is essentially composed of Sunnites who are opposed to Shi’a Islam, who consider that the Muslim belief should be all about Allawites. Tehran views Syria as a strategic gateway to the Arab world, a bulwark against American and Israeli power and, perhaps most importantly, a crucial link to the Lebanese Hezbollah. But also they are geopolitically related.

On the one hand, we have the civil war between the Syrian government supported by Russia, Iran and Hezbollah; and the rebel groups whose allies are the United States, Turkey and the other Arab nations. On the other hand, a war against the ISIS focuses all the attention. In fact, the Islamic State formed by foreign fighters is actually challenging the United States but also the world’s giants (Australia, Bahrain, Canada, France, Jordan, Saudi Arabia…).

They all believe ISIS poses a threat to them in their own countries. But comparing to Syria’s allies, especially Russia, the Islamic State is just one of many insurgent groups that they have called terrorists.

The Vienna II meeting, as it is called, has the aim to put together Western diplomats to advance a United Nations Security Council resolution that would punish Assad’s use of barrel bombs, which are banned under international law. This meeting will help to put pressure on Russia, which is Assad’s key ally and it will also provide diplomatic comfort to Western-backed rebel groups that supported the Islamic State.

According to the NYC, “The ideal outcome for the Vienna meeting would be a road map” that lays out what a transition will look like, said a Western diplomat who spoke on the condition of anonymity per diplomatic protocol. The diplomat called such a transitional road map “doable.”

By the moment, there is not enough information to reach further conclusions but the Vienna meetings will keep going for the next months. The United Nations will be a key mediator between the Al Assad’s regime and the opposition, providing the necessary guidelines to achieve a sort of stability in the region.Cumbre-sobre-Siria-en-Viena.-EFE-660x330


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