Is one of them really going to represent the USA?


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Taking a look at how much criticism there is within the Republican Presidential candidates’ ranks, there is no wonder the Republican Party is going through an internal crisis. Is it because of the different sectors of the Republican Party they represent? Or is it because Republican politicians do not convince people any more? This last answer seems the closer to reality, since a study from Pew Research Centre, shows that six-in-ten (58%) Republicans voters said they wanted the next president to be someone “outside the existing political establishment” compared to 24% of Democrats. Well, running for President with proposals as retrograde as Donald Trump’s “if I win they are going back” (referring to Syrian refugees) or Carly Fiorina “I oppose the federal government mandating paid maternity leave to every company out there”, once can doubt on the wits of Republican voters for having such an opinion.

For instance, after the recent terrorist attack on Paris, the question about allowing refugees entrance or not in the United States has become a hot topic in the electoral debate. In the New York Times we can find a summary of each candidate position regarding that issue, and whereas Jeb Bush, a career politician, is in favor of allowing some refugees entrance (only the Christians ones) the big three outside politics (Carson, Fiorina, Trump) are not afraid of determinately declare that refugees’ entrance should be banned. Ben Carson, who Gallup rates as the candidate with better image among Republicans, said: “To bring them here under these circumstances is a suspension of intellect”. However, not only non-career politicians are the ones to blame for outrageous radical statements, the Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie told in an interview with Hugh Hewitt that not even Syrian’s orphans should be admitted in U.S, arguing that “we need appropriate vetting, and I don’t think orphans under five are being”.

So, maybe it is not the lack of political experience what makes public opinion to go crazy about Republican candidates’ offensive policies, but the internal decadence the party seems to be experimenting in the last decades. According to Mr. Presiado, the secretary of Democrats Abroad in Madrid, among Democratic candidates we can find common roots: guns control, health care reforms or immigrant integration. But for Republicans that does not seems to be the case, they appear to have lost their common path and “need to sit down and figure out what it is about”.

After these offensive policies, this party built on racism should ask themselves the next question: what has happened to Lincoln´s Republican Party? Abraham Lincoln, elected in 1860, was the Republican Party´s first president and he implemented an epoch-changing liberal reform with the Emancipation Proclamation that abolished slavery. Do you imagine Donald Trump doing the same? Of course not. The Republican Party used to fight against racial discrimination and was the party that protected the environment. Nowadays, republicans are the only climate-denying conservative party in the world according to a paper published in the journal Politics and Policy by Sondre Batstrand at the University of Berben in Norway. Definitely, the Republican Party is no longer the party of Reagan, Lincoln or Nixon.


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