An approach towards the diplomatic world

On 12th of November, I had the pleasure to get to know and interview a very important member of South Korea diplomatic system whose name is Sung Hee. She is well known for being the second diplomat of South Korea assigned in Madrid, Spain.


                                                                                    A talk with the Advinsory Council of National Unification and the Consular Assistance

One of the most important and unforgettable phrases that she claimed during the interview was “the greatest virtue of a diplomat is for the country’s sake”. She has been active in the world of  diplomacy for almost 10 years.

As we were starting our interview, she began answering me with an affable humour, she said that South Korea has emerged as one of the major middle powers in the world. Moreover,  our country is also in the process of entering the club of the most developed countries, wishing that South Korea will have a very active role in the international community as a medium-sized power to coordinate its interests.

Sung Hee: “The greatest virtue of a diplomat is the love for the country’s sake”

In addition, I would like to add that in the case of Spain, since we established a diplomatic relationship between these two States, both have expanded on the exchanges and cooperation as traditional allies in diverse areas such as policy, economy and culture.

“It is noteworthy that our countries [Spain and South Korea] are similar in terms of population, to its economic scale, to the experience of having suffered a fratricidal civil war and to have achieved economic growth and democratisation in very little time. For this reason, we can say that in the future there is a large potential for progress in the bilateral relations between Korea and Spain.”says Hee.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 17.29.48

Talking about climate change, she insisted that despite South Korea was not obligated to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, South Korea  under the approval of its government has voluntarily announced its plan for the reduction of these gases.

“It is a problem that we need to resolve all together” she said with a serious face.

Regarding this, she mentioned that they have a global institute of green growth, as well as, an Intergovernmental organisation called “Green Climate Fund” which is located in the new Songdo district of Incheon in which it accepts to contribute not only economically but also with its political will to reduce the greenhouse gases.

Having changed the subject with a bit of tension, she responded me that South Korea has gone through many difficult situations with huge tensions. Its aim is to seek, prolongate, maintain the peace, apart from trying the reunification Korea.

“ For example, we have separated families in the North and the South, one of the priorities of our government is to maintain regular meetings between these families from the humanitarian point of view. Furthermore, we want to maintain the homogeneity between the both sides. With that in mind, we can reunite the two states, as well as, we are trying to strengthen the unity among the citizens of north and south.” says Hee.

Suddenly, Sung Hee suggested to continue our interview walking through the Embassy. As we were walking, I was too thrilled to visit for the first time in an embassy, and she started showing us the main place that she used to work.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 18.26.41.png

South Korea´s embassy in Madrid, Spain

“This is the place where I work on expediting some documents, certificates or sending new passports or even accidental events” says Hee

“Apart from those jobs, I also contributed doing drafts on speeches that Park Hee-Kwon, better known as the ambassador of South Korea in Spain, uses for his special events and activities” says proudly.

“Some of our readers, who are very interesting in Korean music or dramas, better known as “Korean wave” want to ask to our pretty and friendly ambassador how far is going to reach this popularity.”

“Well, who knows what is going to happen in the future, however, we are sure that nowadays especially K-pop is increasingly becoming more popular among different nationalities” says cheerfully.

I would like to continue saying that this positively affects to our public image and it is easier to get them to know our culture. Nevertheless, some people might think that the government is involved in improving the public image but it is not true, the ones who are immersed on this, being well known as the biggest private companies in South Korea such as S.M. Entertainment, Starship Entertainment, Woolim Entertainment or YG Entertainment.


Written by Anna Wu Yang

Student of International Relations at UEM



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