The Embassy of Israel in Madrid, an open door for cooperation

In the seventh floor of a building in which security measures are extreme and armored doors are the most common thing, the spokesperson of the Embassy of Israel in Madrid, Hamutal Rogel has received me, Jimena González, as a student of International Relations in the UEM. Hamutal, as the person in charge of Press and Communication Department, has cleared my doubts and questions concerning Israeli lands.

Since she took office in 2013, she has tried to improve the image of Israel in Spain and she has freely talked about the idea of the creation of a Palestinian State, considering it as an option to reach peace. Hamutal, an honest and close woman, has responded about the questions concerning Israel as a country, the conflict between Palestine and Israel and the International Relations of the country that she represents.

Israel, which is a country in the spotlight of the media, is most of the times not well-considered in the international scene, which only shows a part of the Israeli reality. “It is true that every country’s image could be improved somehow, for example, talking about other issues not only focusing on the conflict that Israel has with Palestine. We should look beyond the conflict Hamutal said, because there are a lot of important factors such as the first prize that Israel has won in the “Smart City Expo World Congress” in Barcelona.

It is true that sometimes media manipulates the vision of some conflicts but Hamutal thinks that the word that has to be used is not manipulation, it is just a different way of approaching news. Today, there are nearly 200 bloody conflicts around the world, like in Congo or Mahgreb, but media just focuses on what has happened in Israel with some Palestinian and “this shows the double-standard of society” claims Ms. Hamutal.

“Israel is the land of the jewish people but arabs are also taken in consideration” Ms. Hamutal said while looking at the window of the Embassy while claiming that “There is a solution for the conflict. This solution will be resolved with two countries for two peoples”. In this regard, there has been several attempts to reorganize the land according to three maps that have been proposed, considering 98% of the Palestinian demands, but at the end, all of them were rejected by the Palestinian who think that their human rights have been violated since the Holy Land of Jewish people was based on Israel.

“Human rights are being violated every day in most parts of the world.” Ms. Rogel said, because, she noted “there are fences in Israel that separate Jewish neighborhoods from Arab ones which can also be considered as a violation of Human Rights”. Nevertheless, you can also find this fences other parts of the world but, however, as Hamutal pointed out, the clearest thing is that “governments have to reach an agreement in order to stop this”.

In order to calm this situation, The Likud, the major center-right political party that forms the government, has granted money to the Palestinian authorities in order to improve their way of living but evidences suggest that this money never arrives to the destination according to the government of Israel. This, has improved somehow the relations between both parts but “there are a lot of things that can get better if both parts cooperate and from our part it is better for us that our neighbors are happy because this will bring stability”.

While this conflict has been on stage since the beginning of the XX century, there are several positions towards it, for example Spain, according to Ms. Rogel, has a pro-Palestine feeling. This pro-Palestine feeling is, according to her, due to some historical facts that form the Spanish background. One of this facts is that the Spanish dictator Franco had a lot of bilateral economic relations with Arab countries creating strong and deep connections.

Arab countries, which claim that “Israel is the enemy”, are now the protagonists because some of their citizens are radicalizing Islam, which is the main religion of their lands. In 2015, two major conflicts have marked international relations and these are the conflict in Syria and the uprising of the terrorist group ISIS or also called Daesh. Last terrorists’ attacks, perpetrated by ISIS, occurred in Paris the 13th of November, in which 130 people were killed and 368 people were injured, have created an atmosphere of instability.

“Only one word can define what happened in Paris the last few days and this word is: horror. There is no justification for what has occurred and Western countries have to act somehow. Israel has now open relations with Western countries in order to cooperate with them to fight ISIS and to find a solution for the Syrian conflict”.

It is true that all these conflicts are difficult to solve and that they are putting in risk the most peaceful period on history, but as Martin Luther King said one day “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out of hate; only love can do that.”



Source: SoySionista


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