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source: Cathay Pacific

Alfredo Pardo is a man of 46 years old, whom  has devoted ten years of his life to the field of freighter aircraft (In general it refers to the loading and unloading of air cargo in the aircraft can be operated by airlines charge for private individuals or armed forces. However most of the cargo transported by air goes in the holds of commercial airliners), serving as operations manager and safety consultant also functions in aviation operations. I have the pleasure to meet him on 15th of September and know a bit of his work, I would say that I get very interested on it and I had the honor of interview him on 16th of November.

Mr. Pardo said in his interview that much of his experience on the field was being one of the member of Bgs Cargo S.A.  (Mexican cargo company), a company that makes international partnerships that pushes its workers to have more global views and experiences with different cultures in the workplace. One such case is the case of Mr. Pardo who has lived very closely social cultural, political and work environment in different countries.

During 2013 the companies Bgs Cargo S.A. and Cathay Pacific (an Asian company located in Hong Kong, China. Currently operates as a scheduled airline passenger and cargo) started making negotiations in which Mr. Pardo was involved and because of that he have to travel to that country to see if what was required were really handle and if it was like in the company in Mexico.


source: Cathay Pacific (Cathay warehouse)

 He emphasizes the following during his interview about his stay: “something you feel different from them (Cathay Pacific)than in other countries where I worked and other airlines from other parts of the world, is that they are very organized and have very high standards in terms of safety and operations; that is why they can decide not to work  in a country if they are not given the guarantee that the operations will be handled as they want“. Because of that he consider that Asiatic counties needs to trust to its partner before making business and it is difficult for a foreigner company to reach it, also it may take more time than expected for a negotiation. He also said the differences of customs restrictions on Hong Kong, where trust and managed systems are much faster in shipments of loads.

Also is described the experience of working in Hong Kong full of knowledge and states that this Asian society is very different in culture, business structures and especially cordiality in different social spheres, at different levels relative chief employee, a person with a position or position within the company treat with great respect, for example the cards are honoured to receive them and received with respect and appreciation in contrast with Latin American that deliver them to all people.

Finally, he says according to his experience that there are many restricted things and someone can clearly see that there is much difference between social environments. In addition to that he mentions that it is common to see very poor and very rich people in the same city and it is very common for a working person to live in a very small space, also to have a property is very complicated because the society has ideals of communism and there are other factors such as limited private property.

Cathay Dinner and Delivery

source: Cathay Pacific (Crew members of the Cathay Pacific Cargo)

Written by Denisse Salazar, student of International Business


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