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bodegas leza garcia

Fernando´s wine company

The last week I had the pleasure to met a very important business man in my Region, his names is Fernando Leza Garcia. The name of his company is “Bodegas Leza Garcia” and is a familiar company. He rules the company with his other two brothers .This company is one of the wineries that has more exports. He rules the company with his other two brothers.

Fernando has begin his career from collector and has end as the merchant business, but he steels like doing some work of recollecting. His company start to sell outside the country in 2001  because the Spanish market started to get smaller for his company. For that reason he has gone to a lot of countries like China , USA, Germany ,etc. To sell his wine. He has learn a lot of different countries and now he has his mind more open for different experiences in life.

propietarios leza Garcia

Fernando has tell that always in his journeys are something in some countries that he doesn’t like or he can’t understand, but he has to respect the other cultures and traditions if he wants to be respected and if he wants to make good a deal. He has tell me exciting stories about his journeys but he always says that he wants to spend more time with his wife and sons. He had tall me that this kind of work is very sacrificed for him because it consumes his energies and for his family because they have to live long periods of time without him must to be three weeks out of home without his family.

I have asked him about the Catalonians situation if in the case that they get independence would that afect him. He has told me that of course but not only because he will have less clients is because the clients of Europe and outside of Europe are going to see Spain and his companies something more week and less attractive. We were talking more about Catalonian and his situation with Europe so I asked him about Europe and how they help ,he has answer me that sometimes they help and sometimes they do it wrong for example France invest China for the quality of removable energy products has been made, so Chinese government start to spy not only French companies they spy all European companies and stop buying European products so that affected his benefits. The good thing is that Europe support companies like him giving some economic helps.

When we started to talk about Europe we started to talk about politics and how he see the actuall situation of Spain and what he prevents for the elections of the 20th of december, he smiles me and sayed to me “I know you´d ask this question, In my opinion the old political parties are not doing enough to show people they have change for better, so they are going to lose a lot of votes, now, in my opinion there are new political parties that in my case I am more related because they are more moderate than others that are more in other worlds”

Before finish I ask him something more relaxed, I asked him if he has met a famous personality like  a politician he told me that in all his travels around the world he has met a lot of influencial persons in many worlds but he has told that for him the most important person was a very influential politic in China. When he met in business they make a good relation so they deciden to see again in Spain in La Rioja that week all the village he as the Mayer of the village start to prepare everything for his arrive. Fernando thinks that that couldnt be only something for the village so he called the president of La Rioja and explained the situation. The president accepted happily to preside all the visit and show the guest the most important things of our little world. This meeting not only benefited his company it also benefited the rest of our region and companies.

I finally asked him if he recommend to students, from International Relation as I am, his job. He told that depends of your personality. But he finally tall me that he recommend to young people this kind of work while they are young because when you get older you started to don’t give the importance that this kind of work deserve like discover new cultures , tradition and education that may be new but not worse for that reason




Written by Alvaro Rubio

Student of International Relation at UEM


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