LiveLoveSyria, a modern and social project in the name of beauty

Being a student of International Relations, my group and I have been asked to manage an interview with a personality working in the same field as we do, which is the region of the Middle East.  Having dual Syrian and French nationality, I found it interesting to focus on an organization based or, in one way or another, related to my beloved country.

Syria is at war since more than four years now and thousands of people found death, due to bombings from the regime on the one hand, but mostly because of the Islamic State´s barbarism and massacres. Millions of people decided to flee the conflict in order to find refuge in other countries such as Turkey, Lebanon and of course, Europe.

Fortunately, some Syrians did not forget about their homeland and in some way are struggling to promote Syria´s cultural heritage, full of breathtaking and magical landscapes, by giving a peaceful image of Syria and of course by helping its citizens in need.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you about Mr. Jaafar Ibrahim, founder of LiveLoveSyria !


LiveLoveSyria is a Non-Governmental Organization that aims to fund independent projects, which benefit the community, whilst acquainting the public with Syria´s beauty through social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. “Social media has many roles to play in times of war. In LiveLoveSyria, we focus on its role in reaching a large number of people, showing a different image that is being presented by traditional means of media and traditional platforms. It is important in raising the voices of the people whose only goal is a social positive change, like us”…

Living in Lebanon and studying a double major in Business and Public Administration at the prestigious American University of Beirut, since 2011 (the beginning of the Syrian war), Jaafar has been devoted to defend his country by acting smartly and peacefully. He and three of his friends decided to use the social media networks, in order to restore hope to the millions of Syrians across the world, whose hearts have been broken by lies, false reports and fake video montages conveyed by the media. “I believe photography, in positive intentions, is extremely important with its association with social media; in that it preserves the memory associated with a place and in its ability to show undiscovered places” insists Jaafar.




In LiveLoveSyria, they share beautiful places captured all around Syria and which aim to color the news feed that were polluted by pictures of destroyed places. To fund the projects, the organization sells bracelets written “LiveLoveSyria” on them. The bracelet´s price ranges from 3$ to 7$ depending on where you live. They are currently selling in Syria, Lebanon, Europe and Canada. The bracelet is a sign of support and contribution to the organization and the specific project that is funded. For example, the wave of bracelets launched now will be used to fund their winter project that will get warm clothes to children in Syria. “We aim to inspire and support young people and help them create a positive social impact on their hometowns and local communities, by funding their projects that tackle various fields such as education, environment and entrepreneurship” said Jaafar with a twinkle in his eyes.

image4Children of Aleppo

This young generation is the generation that should overcome the differences between the members of the older generation. Youth should take initiatives to act towards a better society and especially through in an innovative way. Obviously, LiveLoveSyria is a non-political not-for-profit organization that envisions a social impact. It´s about helping regardless of their political orientation because the only way the organization labels their fellow citizens is “Syrians”.

While listening to Jaafar, I felt great emotion and deep pride. The more he was saying, the closer I got to my country. Every single word was hiding an extraordinary strength of soul. He bears an unqualified message of hope, humanism and brotherhood. I would have liked to take him in my arms and thank him for living my country… for loving our country.  Jaafar is both student and the organization’s founder, he´s dealing with this double life in such a wonderfully organized way. When you are willing to do something you deeply believe in it, you will always find time to do it.

Any initiative someone takes to make a positive impact in his society is always encouraged and appreciated. But as we see in the case of LiveLoveSyria, a unifying platform that divides the work would be more effective than creating more organizations.


Comparing to the use of weapons, art is always a better alternative for spreading your ideas.


ZoulFikar D. Fayad


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