Ms. Freire motto: ”Unity Is Strength”


Women taking classes in Peru

Alianza por la Solidaridad is a non-governmental organization that was created twenty-six years ago through the joining of three completely different NGO’s: International Solidarity, IPADE and Habita Africa. Their name put emphasis on the alliances between people, network and organizations that work for global changes.

There main aims and objectives are to strengthen society to promote their empowerment, a change in legislation and politics to promote laws and politics both domestic and foreign to reduce poverty, social inequalities and protect human rights and dignity. Also, change the economic model which implies initiatives that guarantee a global sustainability for our population and the world itself, as well as humanitarian action to prevent and protect the rights of the people affected by conflicts such as crime, genocide and human disasters. Alianza por La Solidaridad provide humanitarian aid in different regions of the world, especially LEDC’s; Latin America, Africa and Middle East. They also intervene in European countries like Spain and Belgium in which they finance themselves through transparent donations, each person who donates has the opportunity to know were there money is spend on.

Aranxta Freire, head of the Comunication Techinque in Alianza por la Solidaridad, insists that the actual situation in the world can improve for better with the help off our society. ”In 2014, we managed in Bolivia and Peru to provide health assistance and women education as well as social integration. In Ecuador we achieved to disappear rubbish dump in the lives of half a million of Ecuadorians and in Colombia we have provided survival kits for refuges. Over twenty-nine thousand people from Guatemala and Nicaragua can drink potable water,” she said on a recent interview representing their NGO’s projects.

Recently, there has been an increase of people wanting to become volunteers in NGO’s such as Alianza por la Solidaridad due to their effectiveness and professionality towards the projects they set. Here’s Ms. Freire during the interview: ”We have over one thousands of volunteers, but only two hundred are working actively,” she added, ”our volunteer campaigns are very effective and on our web page, we offer how and what you can do to become a volunteer in our organization.”

Ms Freire says our outlook is to ensure that we are not necessary and that our projects can continue without our financial support. Make sustainable projects.

”The actual political situation in Latin America is the same as complicated in other countries and regions of the world, what is true is that inequality indices causes their Governments to not govern over their citizens, but for the most privileged” she said, who added the difficulties that sometimes they confront against these Governments Administrations; ”The difficulties of our labour is the male chauvinist culture that still exist on many countries and the lack of opportunities for women. Also, the laws that does not list the basic human rights of many people, thus we work with politicians and civil society to improve them”.

Latin America is a wide region composed by the Caribbean, Central America and South America, which all of them have countries suffering poverty and lack of humanitarian aid. ”The poorer countries in Latin America are Haiti and Bolivia where we have been working for years to improve their situation. Other poorer countries like Peru and Ecuador have improved their indices of poverty”, she said.

Ms Freire said about their NGO’s campaign during the middle of the interview: ”in some countries our campaigns have been more effective than others, like everything in life”, she added ”in Peru we are very happy to have driven the feminised as a crime, due to our support and with the aid of many women’s associations in the country. Unity is strength”.

Ms. Freire is pleased towards the economic situation in Latin America has really improved comparing to twenty years ago. She added a strong critic towards international financial institutions such as IMF and World Bank to the structural adjustment plans imposed in Latin America who have destroyed their economies and now are occurring in Southern Europe. ”Organized Latin American society has succeeded (along with international NGOs who work there) to increase in education, health assistance and employment opportunities for their people, and this has led to improvements,” she gladly said.

Alianza por la Solidaridad shows that real progression can happen if we join together as a whole society and fight against racism, drugs, sexual trafficking, crimes, atrocities, and other conflict that harms our world. Aranxta Freire shows us that real women can empower themselves and become successful but in order to happen that, we need to fight against discrimination and human abusing.

By Hanane Houliche


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