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Michael Presiado in front of the place where the interview was conducted

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to interview Michael Presiado. Mr. Presiado is an U.S citizen originally from Long Beach (California) who has been collaborating with the Democratic Party since the first Obama’s Presidential elections. Once he was old enough, he registered himself as a Democrat,  and later in college  he got to know better the U.S political system,  as he studied history and politics. He also supported Obama’s candidature in the 2012 Presidential elections, while he worked for the department of press and communication of the Democratic Party  in Wisconsin.

Currently, Mr. Presiado is the secretary of the organization “Democrats Abroad” in Madrid.  As he explained it to me, Democrats Abroad is a volunteer organization, part of the official Party, which main mission is to register democratic voters and help them through the voting process. They also organize events and political discussions in Madrid.

My first questions were concerning United States present politics. When asked about President Obama, our interviewee animatedly answered: “Obama has been an inspiration for me personally. He coincide with my interest for politics.” About his term in office, he argued that Mr. Obama had to face many challenges: when he first arrived to office, America was recovering from a recession and immersed in international conflicts, “Obama inherited a world that looked at United State really different from 20 years ago.”

As he is a democrat, and his affinity to the Democratic Party was implied, I was interested in his view of the Republican Party. In his opinion, Republicans have been in trouble since the Tea Party movement arose and began coopting the Republican Party. According to him, they represent: “a side of the republican party that really no wants want to see”.  He concluded by saying that: “the republican party needs to sit down and figure out what it is about.”

The following questions were (as could not be otherwise) related to Republican’s candidates like Donald Trump, about whom our interviewee said: “he hits a nerve that some Americans have about immigration but his rhetoric is offensive, to say those things it takes a suspension of disbelief.”

As a Democrat, it was compulsory to ask his opinion on the Democratic Party’s Presidential candidates, more specifically about the “big three”’s strengths and flaws.

About Mrs. Clinton he praised her good organizational skills and experience, “she is a very accomplish woman”, he said. On the other hand, Mr. Presiado commented that she is a politician who has been in the public life for so long, that have been forced to change her mind from time to time to get votes, and so what people might dislike about her is her lack of authenticity.

To him Bernie Sander candidature was unexpected: “Donald Trump isn’t really a surprise in the good way, but he is a surprise in the good way.” He argued that Sanders represent a young, vibrant side of the Democratic Party, but: “his obvious problem is electability. He is explaining socialism to democratic people, and it might be a problem if he does not explain it well.”

O’Malley is according to Mr. Presiado, “a mid- point” between Sanders and Clinton. He is an experienced politician with good credentials in liberalism, gay marriage and climate change, whose biggest problem to win the Democratic nomination is name recognition: “he is not pooling very high right now, he has the tools to jump, but the media is not paying attention to him, just to Sanders and Clinton.”

Later, we commented Sanders’ proposal of Marijuana’s depenalization. He argued that though he was not sure about the Democratic Party view on that issue, “it does not makes sense you go prison for life for a few ounces.” He explained to me that another problem related with drugs’ offences in United States is racial injustice, since statistics suggested that black people are more often detained for this crimes. He told me that the other two democratic candidates have similar opinion, “if you put the three candidates together they have similar views for changing to a system more fair.”

When asked about Democratic candidates health care proposals (an ongoing debate in United States), Mr. Presiado commented that Obama’s reform have made health care affordable for more people, but wasn’t as ambitious as the Democratic Party would have liked due to the opposition in the House. In his mind, “you shouldn’t have to pay to live.”

Mrs. Clinton good results in pools point at her as the Democrats’ favorite nominee, so my last question to Mr. Presiado was if he believed Mr. Clinton term in office could influence her, if she were to become President. He answered that she would not be conditioned by his husband’s term, but because of her role as first lady, as she did have a very active role in politic: “We forget she fight for a better health care back them”, and that if anything, the time near Mr. Clinton in office, “it qualifies her.”

 By: Maria Prada


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