I have interviewed Rocío Caparros Del Moral, she is a woman who has been working in an international ambit, she has worked in Ver CV, UNESCO, European Spacial Agency and nowadays, she is working in the International Astronautical Federation.

I have asked her about her job in the European Spacial Agency in Paris, she said that it consisted in coordinate people who has other nationalities in specific themes about the space and to promote the “vulgarization´´ about the space to get a better knowledge for the necessities to intervene in the Science and the Technology of the citizen and in the Politics.

She started working in the European Spacial Agency because she did not like university and she had a scholarship in Investigation and Teaching. Working with the number one person in the Space: Gabriel Lafferranderie was her dream. At first, it was really hard, but she worked with him until he had to left the job because of the age.

Now, she is working as a director of Political Affairs in Andalucía, in a multinational in the Aerospace World and in the Defense.

The job consists in Strategy, Marketing and Operations. She needs to understand all the things, to achieve to productive talks. She needs to do that the Chairman´s Office have clear ideas and that the foreign institutions respect us and protect us as a key for the region. She is the “ diplomatic´´ of this enterprise.

I have asked her about the advantages of working with people from other countries and she said “flexibility, training (she has to practise many languages), culture and friends, all the things are benefits’’, she wanted to work in an international ambit because she had curiosity about discover new places, new cultures and she really loved the Outer Space, she wanted to make it a more popular topic in Spain because in other countries it was very popular.

I have asked her about her profession and she said “you must be very fickle, precise and serious with the information that you work with, your private life is sacrificed, your image is the enterprise´s image, you cannot overextend anything. On the one hand, you have to be very brave and throwed out but on the other hand you must take care with the risk´´.

We talked about how she would describe her job to someone who does not know everything about this, she said that she has to talk to people from other countries, she has to prepare everything and she has to prepare the information for all the people who does not work in her enterprise to get the correct level with the different countries. She is always living in a “Services Commission´´, every day is different, one day she has to prepare the urgency plan and other day she has to work in the institutional representation “the worst part´´ she said. She likes when she has difficulties because everything looks impossible but she has to find a solution.

At the end of the interview, I asked her for an advise for a student who wants to work in the same job than her and she answered “at first, I would ask him some stuffs about that student and his life and personality, then I would analyse the student and at the end I would give him/her the advise.

By Marta Hervás Díaz


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