The biggest drug tunnel ever between Mexico and California has been discovered.

The authorities from the United States found an underground passage along the border of Mexico and California used for the massive exchange of drugs.

article-1326481-0BE8410B000005DC-30_634x329.jpgGeographic situation of the tunnel.

It is the third tunnel found in the border of South California in the last few weeks. Its length about 800 metres makes it the longest drug passage uncovered until now. The amount of drug located there have led to the largest seizure of cocaine associated to a tunnel.

The tunnel starts in closet inside of a small private house in the city of Tijuana and it follows a zigzag path until the exit, a hole of less than 1 metre of diameter placed in a business park outdoors in Otay Mesa, San Diego.

article-1326481-0BE71F02000005DC-424_634x413.jpgEntrance of the tunnel

As it says in the New York Times,the federal officials defined it as a sophisticated path equipped with ventilation and lighting systems, in spite of its narrowness. It also has rails and a big elevator, and it was constructed with metal beams to prevent a collapse. The characteristics of the tunnel are quite similar to the ones used by “Chapo” Guzman.

The economic value of the drugs seized in this plot add up to 22 million dollars. The seizure is integrated by approximately six tons of marihuana and one of cocaine. It was extracted from the tunnel in small packets and then moved by cars to a place which is 20 minutes from there to distribute it.

Laura Duffy, the US attorney, highlighted the relevance of the cocaine seized, which is not as common as seizures of marihuana. She also assured to know which smuggling gang was behind it, but as long as the investigation is still open she is not making any declarations about it, says the article in El Mundo.

14612251768540.jpg Laura Duffy at the inspection.

Six men from Cuba and Mexico were detained in San Diego and charged by federal complaint with charges for drug trafficking and related to the tunnel, including importation and distribution of cocaine and marihuana and conspiracy to use a border tunnel. They remain in custody until the trial with U.S. Magistrate Judge Barbara Major, assures the newspaper Zeta Tijuana.

This area has such an extended web of smuggling tunnels. One of the reasons could be the quality of the ground it has. The land is highly composed by sands and clays, what makes it easier to dig it up. Besides, it is one of the most inconspicuous way to smuggle from one country to another, what explains why have tunnels turn into that common, in terms of drugs trafficking between this borders.

The BBC explains it was the untypical transit around the industrial park in Otay Mesa at late times in night what let the authorities suspect that there was happening something strange in the area. Also because of the type of commerce related to the zone. But, as the US attorney says, it was really ingenious the way they had made the exit, that small and placed under a container outdoors, where no one would have expected it to be.

Ana Delia Porta, Maribel Zapatero and Sofía Pachón.


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