Anti-Trump speech, the lethal weapons of Elizabeth Warren.

By: Delia Porta, Sofía Pachón, Maribel Zapatero and Jessica Navarra.

The accusations’ war has been started between the progressive senator Elizabeth Warren and the republican candidate Donald Trump.

Elizabeth Warren on the left. Donald Trump on the righ. By Sophia Tesfaye for Salon.

Recently, the Anti-Trump critics have been more accentuated. The arguments against the republican candidate, expanded by Elizabeth Warren, at the annual gala for the liberal non-profit Centre for Popular Democracy are an example of that. In the speech the U.S. Senator from Massachusetts remarked the need of the democrats to show the true identity of Donald Trump and why he can’t be a good president for USA.

Responses about the speech has been very variated and contrary. Twitter is having an intense action on this debate. On the republican side it has been interpreted as a poke, and even Donald Trump himself has publish some tweets against Warren, accusing her to be a liar and not native American. He also referred to her as the senator with less action ever in United Stated, “Only talk!” he said.

The accusations made by Donald Trump are only criticizing Elizabeth Warren for superficial irrelevant reasons as if she is native or not, but he can’t say anything about what she says against him, because what Trump does is always criticize the others with no-sense accusations. We needed someone to stop him.

The less sensibility of Trump is unacceptable and it means he won’t do any effort for the weaker people. He wants to get America great again with the only power of the high class, as the senator’s affirmation remarks, “Donald Trump cares about exactly one thing—Donald Trump”.

US is a big power on a global level, and it is supposed to be an example for the other countries in the international scene. Trump is now concentrated on the total elimination of problems with brutal manners, he is not thinking about the humans beside the problem, that situation should never become an example to follow for the rest of countries all over the world.

From our point of view, it was completely necessary to expose the real situation with Trump in order to aware the American people in favour of him about who they are voting and which would be the consequences if he became president. A selfish unconscious person can never be the president of a country. And Elizabeth Warren was the ideal person to show it.

First of all, Donald Trump has been strongly rude against women with hard comments and attacks to the feminine gender. A strong representative woman as the progressive senator of Massachusetts, who is a respected figure in both sides of the democracy in United States, is the perfect person to make him know that women have a strong action in the American society and shatter all his racist, sexist, and homophobic ideas. As Bernie Sanders said, ‘Elizabeth Warren, I think, has been a real champion in standing up for working families, taking on Wall Street’ on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.


Moreover, she is incredibly good at making herself be understood by the others. As the Bloomberg page says, it is accepted by many analysts that she has an important talent for distilling political messages. She is very clear and coherent, and make things easy to understand for everybody. And in addition, she says what she thinks, but her thoughts are focus on making her country a better place for everyone, not just for herself.

She is popular because of her good deeds and her fight against social injustice and inequality, and not for rude comments on television. BBC exposed as proof of her popularity, the 40 million dollars she collected from the small donations of the people who heard one of her public messages in favour of the equitable distribution of money in United States.

Elizabeth Warren is a representative figure of social justice and human rights. Those are the values we want for the American society. And exactly the values that Donald Trump tears apart every time he talks about immigrants, women, homosexuals or anyone different than him.


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