In this interview I will focus on South Korea, for that I will talk with a man  from there, he is businessman named Lee Min Hoo.13177235_512285345629854_2413230981983031397_n copia.jpg

Do as Korean, consider that South Korea is a strong coruntry economically?  Has evolved for the better the economy of South Korea in recent years?

Between 60’s and 90’s South Korea economy was growing rapidly but,

Since 2014 the rate of economic growth South Korea (Yellow spots) is falling down.

Does the population of South Korea have a high economic level?

GDP(2015) of Korea is $37,975.

What is the salary minimum of Korea?

The salary minimun of Korea is 6030 won /Hour in 2016 (4.56€/h).

How many hours you are usually dedicate people to work every day?

On average many of korean work the 11 hours.

When it comes to getting a job, which is what you value most Koreans?

Before the looks or appearance was important to getting a job so, many of job applicants got plastic surgery but nowadays that is not more important than the capability of the individuals.

Is there a discrimination between men and women when selecting personnel to work?

In my opinion, the discrimination selecting personnel to work between men and women tends to decrease these days

As an entrepreneur, how do you consider the relationship of South Korea with Europe and the U.S.?

Depend which country the relationship is differente. At leasth I know the relationship with Spain is not bad.

Is there high exports in your country?

Depend on what product Sotuh Korea is exporting I can answer a question. But now I show you a table of exports goods ranking.

Export ranking Exports goods
Petroleum products
3 Cars
4 Ships.
5 Flat panel displays and sensors
6 Wireless communication device
7 Parts of an automobile
8 Synthetic resins
9 Steel plates
10 Electronic appliance equipment

Which products you export more of them?

South Korea export many various products to Europe, For example, Electronic goods, Ginseng, Textile goods and automobiles are representatives

Have the same salary men and women in South Korea?

Unfortunately there is still wage discrimination. The average salary for men in 2014 was 38.590.000 won (29,176.72 €) and the average salary for women was 21.210.000 won (16,792.30 €)

Which are the most developed areas in South Korea? And which are the most poverty areas?

Do you know Gangnam Style? Gangnam is one of the representative area in South Korea like Plaza del Sol, Madrid. Until the early 1980s Gangnam and its neighboring areas had remained the least developed in Seoul, but a prodigious development over the last 30 years has earned it a reputation of being one of the most affluent, dynamic, and influential areas in both Seoul and South Korea as a whole.

On the contrary to this, In the northeastern of Seul, there is one of the most poeverty area called “Baeksa town”. this is squatter area. It was originally the place which the 20th division of Japanese military had used as a shooting field. In 1945, after the liberation, a government office of the U.S. army took over the place. However, its control didn’t reach out to the area and it was taken over by refugees from the North and returning citizens. It was the first start of the shanty town.It was known as the town for those who returned for liberation but lost their hometowns.

Are there high levels of pollution in South Korea and affects too much to the primary sector and the health of Koreans?

What pollution in South Korea you want know? Air pollution, Soil Pollution, Water pollution or in general? Anyway, Honestly I don’t know well about this. I just can answer you that every spring a lot of korean people suffer for the yellow dust and fine dust which come from China.

Do you change the political system of South Korea?

I would like to ask you again this question, you love actual political system of Spain? If no, you think you can change the political system now by something, For example, the vote, demonstration or anything. I’m a little sceptical about that, what is to change the political system is so difficult.

Tell us a little bit about their culture and their religion, and how their life style affects

Constitution of Korea, more better say, of Republic of Korea doesn’t admit the state religion. However, a lot of korean people believe in Christianity, Catholicism and in Buddhism.

It not too easy to tell you about the korean culture beacause that is so a lot. I think we’ll need at least two days. But, I just tell you like that. Simply, every korean culture like custom, personal character, food, clothes, etc is based on a system of philosophical, Confucianism.

Traditionaly, korean takes three meals a day. In general, say Europe is from bread culture and the other way, Asia is from the rice culture. so the staple food of the Koreans is rice. but many of foreigners misunderstand that korean just eats only rice. It isn’t true. they take meals with rice and various side dish: fish, soup, vegetables, etc. Most korean dish is strong or hot beacause they use chilli pepper and garlic much.

By Paula Manrubia Fraga


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