Arantxa Iparraguirre-Klonaris, Honorary Consul of Bahamas

Arantxa Iparraguirre Klonaris – Honorary Consul of Bahamas

Arantxa Iparraguirre-Klonaris, she grew and studied in Madrid (Spain), where he studied at the Colegio Virgen de Europa and later graduated in Industrial Engineering at the private university of Madrid ICAI.

My mother’s best friend Ainhoa Carretero. He is Honorary Consul in The Bahamas since 2013. She is married to Mike Klonaris, lawyer and Honorary Consul of Finland.


Maribel: How did you end up in Bahamas?

Arantxa: I graduated from engineering at ICAI and for personal reasons I just wanted to go out and what really caught my eye was leaving to work abroad and meet new worlds. It is then that leaves the opportunity for a job in the Bahamas for BEC (Bahamas Government Electric Company). I decided to leave everything behind, leave it and start a new life.


Maribel: How would you describe working in the Bahamas?

Arantxa: To begin, say it is a magnificent quiet, peaceful and most of all and foremost, something that is very important to me. If it is true that I work hard every day, but the good thing is that I do not usually late for Married to work, where I can be with my children every afternoon and spend time with them on our private beach.



Maribel: What you have to do in your day to day work? What does it consist of?

Arantxa: Well, my profession is primarily represent Spain on special occasions and most of all act as a liaison between the embassy and the Spanish residents in the Bahamas. In addition, being Consul and Spanish nationality, somehow I promote the image of Spain.


Maribel: What do you like to be in The Bahamas?

Arantxa: The tranquility, people do not live stressed such as most people there in Madrid, here all live quiet, to taste, not going anywhere in a hurry and usually people are very friendly. Also I have to emphasize that it is a very healthy place, is not so much junk food, people eat very healthy, exercise and most of all being all day in contact with nature, that is another point in favor of that other sites would not be possible.


Maribel: What do you miss more of Spain?

Arantxa: Although I am here very well, there are several things I will always miss you, my family, my sister and my parents, food, friends … Well the important thing is to keep in touch, I to visit them whenever I can and good they have also come here several times to see me.


Maribel: Are you thinking of return to Spain?

Arantxa: The truth is that at the moment no, if it is true that I very often I have there my parents but here have already formed a family, I have my husband, my children, work, basically a life made. Unless I start to go very very bad things do not.


Finally, say that thanks to this, we have known a little further as life Arantxa Klonaris and his office.

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Interview by Maribel Zapatero Carter Arantxa Iparraguirre-Klonaris, telephone. Photo taken from Ainhoa Carter with Arantxa Klonaris on the private beach of your current home in the Bahamas


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