Paula de la Iglesia Gonzalez, 6th June

I decided to interview a businessman from Thailand since I considered this one as a really interesting part of Asia and also because my friend, Premruethai SoonSuwan is Thai and her dad works there in the business sector, so I saw here a good opportunity to know more about their culture and how this sector is developed there.

  1. Could you introduce yourself? ( name and profession)

My name is Amnuay Soonsuwan and I start working 30 years ago in the catering industry because I love it since I was young and also because my parents had a lot of restaurants and hotels so I already had some experience working on that.

  1. How do you get to be a businessman in Thailand? Was it easy?

At the beginning I start working on my parents´ restaurants but then I decided to develop my own businesses. It was not hard at all because as I already mentioned, I had some experience.

  1. How was the business market there when you start working?

The business sector where I invested in was not difficult at the time that I invested (It was 30 years ago)

  1. Is there a huge competition in your business sector? Which is the best sector to invest in?

Yes, there is a big competition. I have a business in restaurant sector as well as a hotel, which in Thailand is so competitive because there are a lot of people who come every year to visit our country and there are a lot of different options for our tourists.

  1. Would you recommend going there to find a good job related to business administration?

I wouldn’t recommend people to come to Thailand in order to find an office job especially in Thai companies because the working culture is not ok (leaders are bossy and if you are not working in the critical position, you cannot perform your efficient job as much as you want.

  1. Is hard to find a good job if you don’t speak Thai? ( In the case that you just speak English )

It is not hard in terms of working in the international companies but in the case of the Thai ones, it is better to be able to speak Thai. Otherwise they would probably choose the candidates who speak Thai.

  1. Is there any kind of discrimination with women who want to get their own business? Do men and women get the same salary in Thailand?

Not really.

Men and women get the same salary according to their position and work performance

  1. Is Bangkok a good city from Thailand to start a business? Why?

It depends on what kind of business, for example if you want to open a restaurant, bar, hotel or something related with this industry, Bangkok would be the best choice due to a huge number of population and market growth and also because it´s the capital of Thailand and there are a lot of tourists who come here and want to try our food and also, to get a nice hotel where spend their holidays.

However, if you want to open a logistic sector or a factory, outside Bangkok would be the best choice.

  1. Which is the best city of Asia to try a business from your point of view?

It depends on a perspective and what you want, but Singapore has long been a thriving business center, and is home to the Asian headquarters of major U.S. companies such as Google, Uber and Facebook. Also this city, situated on the major sea route between India and China has a huge potential for market reach.

Another interesting city to invest in would be Hong Kong, the city’s proximity to Mainland China gives companies a competitive edge. Furthermore, as a major international finance center, Hong Kong has seen a growth of financial technology companies.

So I think both, Singapore and Hong Kong would be good choice to try a business.

  1. Do you think Asia is a good region to live in? Why? Have you been living in another city ?

Yes, I mean Bangkok is a good place to live in (I cannot give you any opinions of other Asian cities because I have spent my whole life living in Bangkok). Bangkok is the big city, where you can find everything: nice people, nice foods, great business opportunities, etc.

Also Thai culture is very interesting to many tourists as well as the amazing food, culture, shopping and temples are great reasons to visit Bangkok.


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