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I decided to interview a Russian businessman, called Tolik Politov. I’ve interviewed through his son, a student of UEM, as Tolik does not speak English or Spanish. I chose to interview this man because Russia has always seemed to me a very interesting country, and now everything is happening and what Putin is doing, I found even more interesting.

How does one become an businessman in Russia?

I personally have a company that I dedicate to import fruits and vegetables from other countries, but above all, have more dealings with Morocco and Spain.

And I get to become a businessman because I studied the career of Business,and especially because it was my vocation to become this, and fight until I got both. And also, I always say it’s very important to have technical knowledge to develop the company and a smattering of business management, because although you have obtained advisers, must have some notions for evaluating the work of others and make decisions.

What do you think of what Putin is doing with Russia? You do not think that in this way Putin can put your country in a war ?

Putin doing his work, and I think he do what all president need to do, he defend his country , and defend interest of Russian people. But now for example Putin show for all countries that in this world can go not like USA want.

Well Russia already in war with Syria, and this war versus terrorist . But war versus some country , I don’t think so. I will repeat that Russia just defend their interest.

What is your opinion about the sale of weapons in Russia? it is true that everyone can buy a gun?

In all country you can buy weapons … or you mean buy a lot of weapons ?

Well if some country want to buy weapons from russia, this all control government, but if you want to buy guns without papers, for this you need to know people! but like I already said have corruption in russia , and this people pay for government!

I will repeat , this happened in a lot of country!

What relationship has today Russia with Turkey ?

After all things what happened Russia want to end all relation with Turkey, we already closed line of planes from Turkey, we already put block for product from this country!

How is the economy of Russia?

Like i already said the government control economy, for me it means that we don’t have economy!

Part of the oil and gas revenues are taken to the budgetary system of the country in the form of taxes and fees. The degree of seizure changed over time. So, in the course of large-scale tax reform that was conducted in Russia in the 2000s, it has radically changed the system of taxation of the commodity sector: held resetting mechanism of export duties and introduced a tax on mineral extraction, which increased the share of oil and gas rents of captured state budget, with less than 40% in 2000 to 84% in 2005 .

This is currently over 98% of all the taxes for the use of natural resources and 100% of all revenues from foreign trade (including export duties on oil, oil products and so on. N.) Go to the federal budget, rather than regional. Therefore, the share of “raw” revenues in the federal budget is relatively high when compared with the same share of the consolidated budget (including in addition to the federal budgets of all regions and the budgets of state extra-budgetary funds). So, if the federal budget of 2008 consisted of oil and gas revenues by 50%, the same figure for the consolidated budget of the same year – slightly more than 3

But now government start helping with business , because we also have problem with Europe. And like this they want increase gdp, from export.
Also they create exchange(rialto) for sell oil/gas like this we in depend from dollar because like this countries should buy rubles for pay for oil/gas.
Russian economy sixth economy (as of 2015) among the countries in terms of GDP PPP over the world. PPP GDP of Russia in 2015 amounted to 3.717 trillion dollars . [2] Nominal GDP of Russia for 2015 amounted to $ 1.324 trillion
Sectoral structure of Russia’s GDP (as of 2014) [20]:
Agriculture and forestry – 4.2%
Mining and quarrying – 10.3%
Manufacturing – 15.6%
Production and distribution of electricity, gas and water, and other utilities – 5.2%
Construction – 6.5%
Trade – 18.4%
Transport and communications – 8.7%
Finance and services – 17.5%
Public administration, education, health and military security – 13.6%
But now government start helping with business , because we also have problem with Europe.
And like this they want increase gdp, from export.
Also they create exchange(rialto) for sell oil/gas like this we in depend from dollar because like this countries should buy rubles for pay for oil/gas

What is the salary minimum of Rusia?

The salary minimum of Rusia is 36000.00 руб (Russian Ruble) that In Euros would be about 460 €


By Manal Adbib Lahri.


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