Have you ever heard about the job of IT Technician?

Madrid- Good afternoon François, and thank you for having agreed to participate to this interview. I am Celia Bonnetot, I am an international student from France and studying in the Universidad Europea de Madrid for an Erasmus exchange. I will have a few questions to ask you about you and your job.

First of all, can you present yourself?  11150611_10152680794226222_96708961470086105_n
Hi everybody, my name is Francois Lajoie. I am currently living in Quebec City in Canada. I have 29 years old.

Nice to meet you. Can you tell us, what is your job?
Nowadays, I am working at Desjardins Security Financial.  I am the Information Technology (IT) Technician there.

Alright, an do you work as an individual, in team or with an organization?
For my job, I am working with two others people, but I am also working in other building for Desjardins Security Financial, and this one we are twenty.

Well. Actually, I know not so much about informatics, can you explain me a bit what does your job involve, which are your day-to-day tasks for example? What is a typical day for you?
My work is mostly repairing some laptop when they broke. Also, sometimes they got virus and other times their hard drive stop working etc. Things like that. That is my job. Another task which is part of my job is also to assist the financial centre when they need support.

Ok, I understand more now. Do you work for somebody? Specific clients, businesses…?
Yes, as I said before, I work for Desjardins.

Do you work especially and only in Canada or your actions are in relation with others countries?
My area of actions is focused on my country, therefore, national because I am working for all Desjardins Financial Center across the whole Canada.

Informatics is a field in relation with emerging technologies, right?  How does this affects your job?
Well, yes. We must be ready to be in a constant position where we need to learn some new technologies, new ways to works with some hardware. Things are changing really fast in this domain.

Therefore, do you consider that your job has evolved according to the past?
Yes sure. When I started, we were using Windows XP and since that, we Got Windows 7, Windows 8., 8.1 and now Windows 10 . So, a lot of thing had change.  Nowadays, we have new Hardware or new software to use. Therefore, my job is continually changing.

Alright, and how do you considered your job, is it a good job? Are you satisfied of it? Yes, I got some really nice advantage there.  The staff is funny and it pretty fun to work here in fact. I consider myself pretty lucky actually.

Ok, and what do you like most about your job?
I like that each days is different. I am never facing the same problem or the same day. Each day is like a little challenge for me.

Have you always wanted to work in informatics? If not, what were the others idea?
No. Actually, when I was young I wanted to be in the Police. However, things did not go that ways and here I am now, an IT guy for a bank.

Would you like to change job? If yes, in the same area or completely different?
No, never in my life. Actually, I think I will work here my entire career.

Does Canada provides a great job progression? In your field or generally.
Yes. It depends what your job is and your opportunity of course, but if you work hard, everything is possible here. Last year, I had a 1 % increase of my salary.

Ok, nice. Another question which has nothing to do in general with the rest of the interview. Just for curiosity, have you ever worked or wanted to, in the social and humanitarian field? Do you know if your job can be useful in this field?
No, I have never worked for NGO. However, I think an IT professional could be useful everywhere you need a computer and could bring technologies and improvement in this area.

Finally, what would you say to students who would like to work with you or in your domain?
I would tell them to always keep an opened-mind for new technology. Also, to take nothing for granted. Therefore, yes, to have an opened-mind and above all, to be patient. In the Information Technology area, we always need to be patient.

Well, thank you François for your time, your attention and your answers. I wish all the very best for the future.

Interview realized by Celia Bonnetot.


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