How difficult is to have a business in Europe. Interview to Anastasia.

Anastasia Sviridovich is 29 years old, borned in New York. She is an owner for an Academy of  foreign languages in Spain. Her first college was Bard College in the State of  New York. Due to the fact that she had a liberal system of education, she speaks  English, Russian, Spanish and  a little bit of German. Because of  that, she adapts rapidly to changing economic situation. Her second degree is Psicology in Sant-Petesburg.

Anastasia explained me that she decided to come here because she was looking for a new working experience and one day she got an offer to be an English teacher. With time she decided to made an academy and to give knowledges to the people. At first, she has the possibility to give a job to the people and then she is very interested in this field.

As all know is difficult to made a business in Europe because the world economy’s situation is complicated. Spain is in crisis for a long time. I asked to Anastasia if  it is difficult to start a business in another country and if she thinks that Spain is still in crisis. She told me that she is agree with this statement.  According to her, “Thanks to the components such as wars, situation with the refugees, difficult relations between the  United States of America  and Russian Federation, in Europe it’s extremely difficult to boost an economic situation. In my personal experience business success depends on personal skills and abilities. Business opening wasn’t really difficult because if  you are hardworking,  if you have a clear vision  and relevant skills you can create an effective leadership system everywhere. An entrepreneur must adapt to rapidly changing market and follow to basic rules such as communication skills, goal setting, time management, flexibility, desire to learn, delegating and of course passion.”.  So according to Anastasia, due to the fact that an entrepreneur has high relevated skills and is motivated and personally interested he can move forward, adapt to any situation and benefit by any situation.

As she has lived in U.S.A, Russia and Europe, i asked her differences between those countries in terms of  having a business.

She explained me that steps to starting a business are the same everywhere such as writing a business plan, financing the business, determination the legal business structure and startup  recources, understanding employer responsibility, etx. Despite the identical system the most difficult experience that she had was in Russia because there is the corrupted system in all business fields and levels. According to her, Russian government does not give a support or grands to small and medium business. However, in U.S.A the entrepreneureal depend on the bank system and business is usually based on credit system. What she said is “You can grow up very quickly but at the same time you can loose all at the drop of a hat”.

On the other hand, she told me the problem that exists in Europe. According to Anastasia, in Europe there is another problem with taxes and humans resources. She said “ but frankly speaking, i don’t want to jump the gun and make final conclusions. I need time to see if the economic situation is going to stabilize to be able to plan job enrichment because i have lived in Spain since 2015”.

After have talked about how difficult it is to have a business in Europe I asked  Anastasia, what she thinks about the political situation in Europe and Spain. Regarding that, Anastasia told me that she is confused. She does not see the European Union’s clear concept of working plan. She said “ I think that the  EU must concentrate in a refugees question, building stable and mutually advantageous relations with the U.S.A and Russia”. Speaking about Spain she thinks that Spanish government and society must remember about their image in the global political world and in the global market. She declares that “ I know political parties have time to make the union but if  it does not work, society must have a referendum specially when Spain has a critical moment”.

As we know, Europe has a different hot topics such as refugees, Brexit, terrorism, immigration…The main new that it is going on lately is Brexit, because on 23th there is the elections to choose if Great Britain is going to leave the European Union or if it is going to stay in the EU. According to all that, she asked me that the immigration is under the control nowadays. In this case, she is on Donald Trump’s page because she thinks that we must choose a way of strict control . However, she said “ I think that Europe needs leaders for example like Hillary Clinton, confident, good educated, a person with vision, intelligent and ambitious. Specially, if we are speaking about fight strategy with the terrorism and islamic extremism”. About Brexit, she made me a statement that surprise me, she said “ I have to admit that i don’t see Great Britain as a powerful leader in economic and political fields”. For that reason, she explained me that she is in favour of  Brexit, but she thinks that Great Britain is going to stay in the European Union. She thinks that the English are going to vote that UK has to stay.


By: Vanessa Alamedas Mari


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