The main purpose of this assignment was to interview an Asian person and ask them about their country and country’s lifestyle. I decided to make an interview to a Chinese girl that works with her family in a shop from a town near mine and ask her some questions about her opinion of China. Swan, hasn’t lived for a long time in china but her family still has Chinese traditions and lifestyle. Her parents constantly talk to her about her hometown. She lived in China until the age of 12 when her parents had to move to Spain to find better work opportunities to offer a better life for Swan and her two sisters. Swan was my only option as her sisters are too young to remember and her parents don’t Speak a word of Spanish.


To begin our trip is necesary to specify the reason of why you are travelling to China, becouse is not as easy as buying the ticket and going there, due to political reasons. They make you present the hotel and flight reservation and a visa given by the Chinesse Consulate.

When you arrive to China, you do it with your turist, work or student visa. But later you need to get temporary residence permit, which is mandatory for every foreing visitors. If you are a student, your university will give you one.

If you want to rent a house there are webs where you can do it, but only if you speack chinease, they probably won´t rent you anything if you are a foreigner. In that case you should go to an agency.


The best places to study in China are in the north side. Swan explained me if she had to studuy in China, she would avoid Shangai and the south part of china, becouse they don´t speak a good chinease. She added ‘‘From all the TV channels that exist in china, you will never see any News caster with a south accent.


I was really interested in how chinease people treated foreign visitors, and i was very pleaced with her answer. Apparently chinease people really like having foreign visitors in the country. They are really curious about foreigner looks(europeans and americans), they sometimes come up to you and try to talk in english the best they can. They will also ask you to take a picture with you.


Now that we now that chinease people accept us, let´s see if they see us as more tan ‘‘friends’’. Swan mentioned that chinease women are atracted by:

-Speaking a good english, chinease women look for a good english accent on foreingers.

-Your posibilities of getting a chinease girlfriend increase if you are european or american.

-They like men with a really White skin, chinease women dont´ usually likeblack skin people, like afroamerican or arab people.


Knowing that china doesn´t have the perfect health situation, due to pollution i wanted to know more about the health care in Chnina. Swan told me that there are public and private hospitals, but the thing is, you can be dying in the door of the hospital but the won´t help you until you pay.

But there are also really good things like electronic market, transport… Chinease cities are well structured and organized, you can find there whatever prodct you need. Comparing Spain with China, China is ‘‘cheaper’’, especially if you go as a turist. Swan added:’’Everything will look incredibly cheap, but as you stay more time in the country you will realice that is not that cheap’’.


To conclude this assigment was difficult for me, first of all becouse I couldn´t find any asian person in my atmosphere that could ask these cuestions. I would have liked to go deeply into this interview and learn more about asian´s culture, but this was the best i could find.


Jorge González Hidalgo.


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