Corrupt Ex Mexican state governor on the run

Mexican prosecutors try to arrest the missing former governor of Veracruz for embezzlement, fraud and arson, creating public outcry.

  Javier Duarte has vanished amid allegations of public extortion where 3 thousand and 300 million pesos has gone missing through ‘shell companies’ linked with organised crime.


Javier Duarte, Former Governor of Veracruz before he disappeared –Marco Ugarte/Associated press.

Prosecutors in Mexico seek to incarcerate the ex-governor, who resigned his governing position earlier this month, after the Federal attorney general disclosed that it would be investigating two corruption cases. Duarte whom has been missing for 49 days is under scrutiny as well as others for the suspicion of corruption and illegal advancement. However, their innocence has been testified.

Javier Duarte resigned as governor a week ago to prove his innocence towards the disappearance of the state funds. The state judge disclosed an arrest warrant for him on  money-laundering charges but Mr. Duarte vanished before he could be taken into custody.

The Gulf state of Veracruz,Mexico, suffered greatly during nearly six years of governing from Javier Duarte.  Crime tripled – including media massacres of 16 journalists, designating Veracruz as the most dangerous place for journalists to work. Millions of dollars aimed at improving  social institutions were transferred to private ‘phantom’ companies. Seniors marched in protest after their pensions had plundered. Javier Duarte’s case has riled Veracruz, becoming the most current, crucial suit in need of investigation and clarification.

The Institutional Revolutionary Party has stripped Duarte of his party rights after his political class has protected him for more than five years.

“The former governor of Veracruz did not attend the appointment. Neither responded to the trades that sent him three weeks to their offices in that state.By not responding to the call of the Commission (the party) has lost its right to be heard and their rights of defence, according to establishing the Party Constitution,” concluded the report card from the Institutional Revolutionary Party.

Two governors along with Javier Duarte have been found guilty of corruption, which they too have denied.  Leading one governor from the National Action Party, to also disappear last week after he was found guilty.

Director Hilario Barcelata, of the public finance observatory at Universidad Veracruzana, explains the current government finance situation in Mexico.

“The state government turned into a criminal organisation that handled the state finances however they felt like doing,”  said Mr. Barcelata, director at the University of Veracruz. “But this was only possible due to complicity with the federal government.”

 Two years ago, a report evidenced that President Enrique Peña Nieto’s wife had bought a luxury mansion from a government contractor on ‘highly favourable terms’, without claiming where the cash originated.  Since then, corruption in Mexican states has become the central topic in politics, creating public disgust and an outcry for a new moral,political system.


Journalists at the Angel of Independence, fighting for journalistic justice and the killings of other journalists including Rubén Espinosa. (Knightcenter Journalistic Blog)

The national government is aiming to strengthen Mexico’s anticorruption laws, but it has proven to be difficult and will not become operational for more than a year. Mexican President argues in his speech, that the country’s corruption is a social problem and that all Mexicans share the blame.

“There is nobody who can dare to cast the first stone,” he declared on September the 28th. “Everybody has been part of a model that we are shaking off and want to change.”

Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong, told Radio Fórmula on Wednesday that officials are not sure where Javier Duarte is but believe that he may have used a government helicopter to flee the Gulf coast state. Prosecutors are preparing an international warrant for his arrest if Duarte has been found to have left Mexico.

Currently, officials argue that they will go a long way in order to prohibit any future governor from doing what Mr. Duarte has done, with or without anticorruption laws.

By Veronika Kennedy, Sarra El Oufir, Valentina Foroni and Stefano Antonio D’addosio.

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