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Syrian refugees on the Serbia-Hungary border. (Thomas Campean/Anadolu Agency/Getty)

Canada has admitted over 1.2 million refugees since the end of the Second World War.

And between 2003 and 2013, Canada was the second country that accepted the biggest amount of refugees.

Why would they welcome so many of them ? And Is there a real benefice by having them in there country ?

Canada has always been known as a diverse country. And that when it comes to culture, nationality or religions. Their policies are mainly focused on humanitarian values of compassion and fairness, so, they see like a moral obligation to protect all those people who escaped from their dangerous and difficult countries.

They also play and active role inside the international community as they help with address emerging challenges and, with help of various memberships, alliances and agreements, it looks like they are advancing in a social, political and economic ways.

While an anti-immigration attitude is spreading through many Western countries, Canada seems ready to welcome as many Syrian refugees as possible. Most of Canadians feel that multiculturalism is one of the country’s most significant symbols, being one of the few countries in the world where no political party has an anti-immigration platform. Trudeau’s government has expanded Canada’s intake of refugees fleeing Syria during the past year, resettling over 34,000 refugees.

As a supporter of sponsorship I believe that private citizens can accomplish significantly more than the government alone, raising the number of refugees admitted, guiding newcomers more effectively and potentially helping to resettle Muslims in Western countries. Furthermore, I think that the Canadian sponsorship system should be extended to other counties across the world.

Unlike what happens in other countries refugees that enter Canada do not live in camps but in houses which are provided by the government along with free medical care and job assistance. In my opinion one the most significant evidence that illustrates Canadian’s humane approach towards the newcomers is that once refugees enter the country they are considered permanent residents and are able to ultimately become regular citizens. Sadly, in most of the European countries which have welcomed refugees, these haven’t been able to integrate and are seen as “outsiders”.

Steeling 25.000 Syrian refugees in Canada will cost 1.2 billion over the next 6 years.Steeling 25.000 Syrian refugees in Canada will cost 1.2 billion over the next 6 years. The real question is if its really worth the price. I will say YES!

For Canadian their are some important benefit while welcoming a big amount of refugees.
First of all we know that some part of Canada as really low rate when it come to population and that there is less and less young people and more old one.

One of the other benefits that actually come along the population is an economic one. All those refugees are known to come from a country that is known for its relatively skilled work force. Its can be helpful to Canada and their regions that have been struggling with long term stagnation.
I personally think that the fact that Canada welcome so much refugees and that they also find a way to make them useful not only for them but also for the country is actually a wonderful thing.

But, in my opinion, receiving refugees its not always a good idea.

And why I think that?

Because we are all human beings, some people have really good intentions, some of them have really bad ones, and when you have to leave your country to search for a new life, you create inside of you different kind of feelings between love, happiness, joy and nice things that makes you move on and be grateful for having the opportunity to star a new life with hard work, effort, and wiling to go on.

The problem is when you go on with your ways of living, thinking you can do the things you were used to do before.

Let’s try to compare immigrants and refugees in all the countries, they share something in common, they leaved their country, but when your leave your country, you absolutely will never leave your way of thinking because that is who we are even being in different places.

One clear example is Miami, there is a place in Miami that is called El Doral, there is where a lot of Venezuelans think to go when they seek to leave Venezuela, and where a lot of them are already there.

Me and my family have a house close there in a place that is called Cutler Bay, and you can really see the difference between this two places, because the way of thinking of some of the Venezuelans has nothing to with the Americans one, and there are other that get along with the American living.

So it is really hard for me to say if taking refugees or not taking them is good because each one of us have different ways of doing things and different ways of thinking.


By Sarra El Oufir, Valentina Foroni and Stefano Antonio D’addosio.


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