How I actually became happy

After being turn down by so many embassies, I finally got the idea to look for someone in my own country but that could also give me his testimony about her life and work in North America. Lina Khasem, 32, a journalist for a Moroccan newspaper and a blog writer in her free time and who is specialized in North America accepted to answer some of my questions and explain me how did she end up being a journalist.

Ms. Khasem, since her young age had a passion when it came to writing, unfortunately, her parents didn’t accept to pay her this kind of studies. She worked hard in her last year of high school and ended up getting a scholarship for a university in Canada.

There she chooses to major in journalism, but her love for her birth country made her come back even if she really appreciated the country and the culture that she got to discover there .“To be honest I kind of feel like home there, they are so many people from so different country that every time that a met a group of people I actually felt like home because I would find some Moroccan. That what I loved in Canada, her multicultural side”.

However, her love for this country and how she actually wanted to compare her country to Canada made her specialize in Canada. Now she right articles about what is happening there and tries to compare it in some opinion article which what is happening in Morocco so that she could make some changes. She added that it was hard for her to find a job as women, but then she persevered and ended up finding one, where she could deliver news about North America and at the same time exercise her favorite thing, writing.

Even though she couldn’t stay in Canada, she told me that writing about it made her remember her time there, and that when she could, usually thanks to her job, she went there to get more and more experience, not only as a journalist that write article but as someone who was there and almost lived it.”Being on the field was one of my favorite part of the job, I got to interview people like your doing now” and she even confesses to me “To be honest the first time that I had to interview someone I was so stressed that I forgot my name” she said as she laughed.

As our interview was going, we started talking about politics and what is happening now in the world, and of course, we felt oblige to talk about Trump being elected. “I feel like American want something but are doing the opposite to get it. People are starting to complain about Trump being elected when they didn’t vote in the first place” she also explained me, that she didn’t really think that Trump would be that horrible as a president in her opinion.”I think that the US is strong and that Trump won’t be able to actually do something that bad because he knows that if he does million of people would hate him like they hated bush after the invasion of Iraq”.

The following subject was about refugees she then started with “ I hoped we would have the chance to talk about that, this subject affect me a lot, not only as an Arab or a Muslim but specially as a Human being” she continued “I think that Canada is an example for all the other countries in the world when it comes to the problem of refugees, none of their governmental parties has a non-refugee program, and the fact that they are trying to make them efficacy is even better because they help people in need and at the same time help their country”. With that part, we had to finish our interview because she had some other schedule. But she said to me before going “I realized my dream by working hard, and to be honest it’s not the easiest thing when you’re a women here, however it makes me happy, so you should do your possible to end up doing what you like even though it’s not something that pays that well, but something that make you happy and not regretting your choice.”

With her last sentence, I got moved because I realized that by being a journalist she ended up doing what she liked and that she doesn’t regret it even if its hard sometimes. It makes me realize that I should do the same.


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