Reaching success

MIAMI- Fede Annito… sales manager of Bayer, pharmaceutical company responsible for the marketing of drugs.

Said that for reach success in what you do you, you must have love and high sense of commitment saying that she thinks that has been the key, the taste for what you do takes you to the pursuit of excellence.
It is very important to select a team of people prepared and committed to the achievement of the objectives of the company.

Planning, motivation, achievement, respect the criteria of each of the members of her team has enabled us to achieve excellent results, placing them in the top of nationwide sales.
Every day she feels very happy because her life allowed her to belong to a very prestigious company in the area of health.

She plans her activities, in order of priority to fulfill all the tasks in the manner most efficient possible.
Happy with what she has and always willing to give it best of her.
Saying: “I love working with people of other nationalities, you learn a lot of the culture, customs and lifestyles of other countries. It’s like traveling without mounted in an airplane, each country has its charm and the most important is the human resource that can through its expression and feelings that let us know more worldwide among my strengths”

Annito thinks that her strong points are her high sense of commitment to life, her family and her work, she owes them her best and her very positive mind.
She feels that we create what we think and that everything is possible, that you just need to believe it and work to ensure that things are achieved.

“I’m proactive, disciplined, consistent with the word and deed, I am sincere, and extremely strict and front.” That is how she describes herself.
The key challenge for her was to lift her area when she started, that team was at the bottom of the raking in sales, she had to make several adjustments to the sales team since in her opinion they were using inappropriate strategies and were devoid of supervision and accompaniment and very discouraged. Then apply the changes established one period not longer than 6 months would be in the of the ranking. She and her team reach the first place and they still keep it.

She speaks Spanish and English.

Seeing the company in the next few years keeping leadership that has for years in the pharmaceutical industry.

Her parents have a great cornerstone in her life, they always had been by her side supporting her with all the love in her decisions and projects, saying “they are the best parents in the world my daily motivation” She wants her child has her example of struggle and perseverance and who will never miss anything.


She is very close to all the employees of the company from the lower hierarchy up to the President. Her best moment was the day that she saw at a management meeting in the presentation of the results at her area first, she felt that all the efforts of the first few months had paid off.

In the company they do activities that allow them to express what they feel for each other and always her team conclude that she very strict but she has great human quality.

Apart from her work, she is studying Chinese, works out, reads, and loves the Cinema. The goal she slopes over the medium term is independence, to set up a family business.

By: Stefano D’Addosio


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