Interview made to the Ambassador of Palestine in Spain the Tuesday 28th of February 2017 :

IMG_2845I’m glade to say that Musa Amer Odeh has received me; he was born in Doura Hebron on 20 January 1947.
He has been the Ambassador in many countries like for instance Brazil or Philippines. He has been also a member and director of the popular organization of PLO for the freedom of Palestine.
He referred to Palestine as “The Holy Land”, a territory that has been constantly victim of the invasions, he added, with pain that Palestine had lost more or less 70% of the territory.
So what about the main problem? What are the main reasons of this conflict that has no end? To his mind there is no denying that it is all about a “geographical problem” .The truth of the matter is that Palestine is joined by Africa, Asia and Europe, he added that “Jerusalem is the heart of the whole World, it is part of Palestine”.
Regarding Palestine, he considered that, what was once the “Holy Land for everyone (Jews, Christians, Muslims…), is now only for the Jews.”
He confessed his hate concerning the Jewish people and how they have tried to kill Yasser Arafat, the Palestine Liberation Organization’s ex-President, many times. By the way he has a framing photo of Arafat behind him to always remember that he was the one who “helped the Palestinians the most and without him, it would have been a completely disaster”. He maintains the fact that the Israelis poisoned Arafat.
He is thankful to Arafat for the creation of the Palestine liberation organization.
In 1947 the United Nations reached an agreement where they recognized that Palestine was 78% of a state. Palestine would be divided and shared into 3 entities: the creation of a Jewish State, an Arab State and Jerusalem shared into two parts (west and east) and controlled by International Organizations thanks to the “corpus separatum.”
“Palestinians became refugees in their own land, some of them had also emigrated to Lebanon ,Syria and Jordan .”
On the other hand, there is the Gaza strip. He didn’t see Hamas in the Gaza strip as a big threat for this part of the territory. However he confessed me that he had a daughter who was a journalist and she didn’t want to wear a veil during an interview in the Gaza strip, though Hamas ask her to. So they decided to guard her. The ambassador was worried concerning the situation of his daughter.
He claimed that he was not a man who thought the veil should be mandatory. “All the women can do what they want whether they want to wear a veil or not is their own decision. I respect all religions.” He showed me that he had a necklace with a Christian cross and the Islam symbol of the moon and the star. He said that he would never separate them because this is “How the World needs to be, a big union, remember Israel and Palestine is not a religious conflict.”
We decided to carry on the interview with a more recent topic: the United States. He remembered Barack Obama with some nostalgia but he didn’t understand why the United States did not veto against the Jewish in the United Nations resolution, he said that most of the time “The Jewish had humiliated Barack Obama because of his black skin, they are racist, they are like Nazis, they feel they are more powerful than any kind of people in the World. Benjamin Netanyahu didn’t want to meet the President in the White House; they clearly humiliate the United State of America.”
Mentioning Trump, he made a little smile expressing that until Trump will be in the government, “nothing will be make to help the Palestine territory. “It’s true that Israel and the United States are really close friends and have a lot of economic interests for instance; he mentioned how powerful the Israeli lobby is.
Concerning the new adhesion of Palestine in the United Nations, he was confident he said “I’m fully sure that this will happen one day. However now the most important is to minimize the safari move, we need Hope because without Hope everyone can commit suicide.”
Regarding the war situation, he was truly against “the building of the Israeli territory, he asked the European Union not to allow Palestinians to lose their hope, always give hope for them, keep hope.”
Hope is the most recurrent word, but keeping hope also with action in order to promote peace in the region.

“So please, my dear friend doesn’t let us lose our hope.”

Marie Camacho


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