Interview with Mikel Vivanco delegate of the North Korea Friendship Association

“The Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea is a peace-loving country, thas how describe Mikel Vivanco”


The special delegate of North Korea in Spain, Alejandro Cao de Benos, with the delegate of the Korean Association of Friendship (KFA), Mikel Vivanco, and Fernando Quevedo, Koryo Books.


My great interest in this great country, that everyone speaks of him, because of the great hermetics that he has, we do not know what exactly happens there, what will happen ?, what do they think ?, etc. Was then I took the task of contacting someone who was very involved in this issue and it was when I discovered the existence of this association, called the “Korean Friendship Association” chaired by the Spanish Alejandro Cao de Bènos de Les and Perez and founded the August 8, 2000, created to provide information in the Western countries on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Creating events, exhibitions and dialogues of all kinds, cultural event development.

It was where I was able to contact Mikel Vivanco, who is currently the Official Delegate of the North Korea Friendship Association in Spain, that I had the opportunity and privilege of being able to interview him and very kindly answered each of my questions.

That first for me is important to know when it was that began to interest in this country, so we started our interview and Mikel said that in the mid-nineties, he remembers that it was how in the University, in semiotics class, a Professor commented that North Korea was a communist country. And Mikel was a Marxist-Leninist, as long as he had a use of political reason, but he had not realized that Korea was really a state related to his ideas. The bad thing is that at that time there were not many publishing houses that published works of the DPRK, so that later, in the decade of the 2000, it was when he could accede to these works, to enter in the KFA, etc. From the first moment the DPRK attracted him, and every day that passes, his admiration for her grows even more.

Mikel Vivanco was able to become Official Delegate of this Association, in 2010 who is the 4 in this position have held this position, but personally, he became a member for 11 years ago, who passed through the position of Organization Secretary State and is now Official Delegate. Knowing this information of his achievement as a delegate, I had another concern and that not only I have it, if not the whole world, wanted to know what is the main objective at this time of Korea Who told me that the main thing is to guarantee the Revolution, to continue building socialism, to defend its sovereignty, to improve the economy, to achieve the reunification of the country, and so on. And, above all, but above all and the main thing is to ensure the welfare of the People.

North Korea is a “socialist popular republic” countries such as Cuba, Vietnam where it is still governed by communism, and that in the example of Cuba its inhabitants day by day try to flee and are fed up with the type of government, and it is that it is impossible to live with communism as Government, but with the example of North Korea, according to all its inhabitants are happy in their country, and although there are many who have tried to escape, most say they are happy, for this reason was that I wanted to ask if there was any possibility that the type of government could change in North Korea, and I was astounded by the answer, which clearly said no and did not see it as necessary, because the DPRK possesses a system of social, political organization , Economic and cultural that works very well, told us that this has been historically proven. And that there is also a monolithic unity in the basic and most important aspects: unity of the masses among them, around the Leader, the Party and the People’s Army. And Mikel was able to verify it personally.

The DPRK is also an assembly system: since the citizens are 17 years old they can choose and be elected to represent the Masses. The decisions of the Popular Assemblies are carried out by the Popular Committees. Every week people gather at their place of work to decide how this will work the following week. The masses own the means of production. The People also holds power, the true definition of democracy. He also added that in his opinion, that is something that can not change, and should not change. As I became clearer that the government had never changed, another thing I was very interested to know was whether there is a possibility of reunification between the two Koreas, and if such a agreement could be given as it should be? In addition another thing that obviously had to ask was about the current president of the USA and that it is necessary so that between North Korea and the United States there is a good relationship, first Mikel told us he hopes that come to realize if the reunification Between the two Koreas, since from the DPRK the proposal is that of a country with two systems, based on the great national unity and the foreign non-interference. And in this way the Democratic Confederal Republic of Koryo could be formed. And that this is the first objective of the DPRK in terms of foreign policy, and indeed hopes that if it comes to fruition because this could calm the waters and increase trade between them, it would be the best, and of course I think it would be Something very good because the tension that exists between them with the reunification would diminish and would North Korea grow a lot and perhaps could be to be softer with its own people.

As the president of the United States, Mikel responded with a “No comments” that since the time of Donald Trump, the only thing he has done is throw threats and create a tension and with this that the whole world is with the eyes above North Korea, because of course they always korea looks like the bad countrie iin all around the world and the US as the winner, he added, for a start, it would not be a bad idea for the USA. To leave South Korea and the Asia-Pacific zone, to stop threatening the DPRK and to end its criminal sanctions, all they do is to try to attack the civilian population (which of course does not they get).

And if, in general, he leaves behind all the countries he is currently occupying wildly, he could even do well (or much better) with the rest of the planet. In South Korea, USA. Has military bases in the border and this to guarantee the security of its allies in the face of threats, it was then that I asked if it is true what is said that this border between the two Koreas is the most militarized in the world, but Mikel says he is convinced That it is not so; Which of course is militarized, but there are other areas of the world that are much more. This whole issue between Korea and the US has caused panic throughout the world, the constant threats from the US government, and the constant ballistic tests conducted by North Korea, so I wanted to know if in truth North Korea is prepared for any type of war and the very clear and blunt said yes, that of course it is prepared for any matter that could be given against North Korea, since its objective is to care and to well-being Of their citizens, and before this they are capable and ready in case the US Or another country would come to declare war are ready to respond, I asked him if that is why they do not want to give up the nuclear program and in effect what I predicted was true, he again stated that to give up this in fact it Would suppose his suicide as a nation.

Also Mikel told me that they do not want nuclear energy forever, that of course, but that right now they need to have the same armament with which they are constantly being threatened, and that includes all about nuclear.

On the other hand, he said that the DPRK is a peace-loving country: they know very well what war is, and that’s why they do not like it. Well after having talked about these situations of so much tension but obvious it was important to know, it was then that I wanted to change a bit the topic, and that I think is also interesting since to be North Korea a country where we think that the people we can not do nothing, So I wanted to ask Mikel, how is your life that things are the ones that trade is what they produce. what products they export or with which countries do business, because I decided to ask this to Mikel who told me that the most exported are mainly minerals, coal, materials for steel smelting and metallurgy, Textiles derived from chemicals, etc .; Also technological and pharmacological products, Gingseng, Vinalón, even cars and motorcycles. In relation to the export of labor, architects and other qualified technicians are quite solicited. For example, there are monumental works of socialist style in the African continent elaborated by the Mansudae Study of Pyongyang.

The DPRK also has special economic zones with foreign investment (in which the means of production have not been privatized, of course). It trades with many countries, and that Koreans are open to anyone who wants to relate in this aspect, that’s for sure. With the most, China and Russia. It also exports a lot to South Korea.

With this we were about to conclude our interview that before finalizing it with asking him to tell me in 3 words what North Korea means to him, well before this, we know that North Korea has an ideology called JUCHE, that at the beginning It was Marxism-Leninism that was adopted as the official political ideology of the country. However, Leader Kim Il Sung did not want to depend on any of the two communist giants surrounding the DPRK, so it was It was created this original philosophy created by the eternal President Kim IL Sung, Mikel tells us that the human being has destiny in his hands, which also means that the masses control the means of production, something that connects with socialism. It can also be understood as the application of socialism in the Korean way, paying attention to its place in space and time, which reminds us of the idea of ​​”socialism in a country.” It has many more nuances, which link to all aspects of people’s material and spiritual life.

And as I mentioned I before this interview, that this interview we would finish it with telling me in 3 words Which means North Korea,and he told me that s the real line of defense of socialism against imperialism: To barbarity … “Mikel said goodbye very kindly to say these words…

“Well that’s it, I hope it looks good, and tell me if you need anything else. At the end of the message I allow myself to leave you a series of links in case you want to go deeper.

Thanks for all and a hug,



So thank to this interview, I make clear a lot of things about North Korea and that Mikel is willing to do another interview in person and keep talking about this great country that is North Korea.




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