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Paris- Within the framework of my studies I had to interview someone who followed the last news in Europe and concerned by the situation of Europe.

I decided to interview  Thierry Seranne in order to speak about his carreer, his job and as well his point of view about Europe and France.

Many important events happened in the last months such as the French presidential election and this why we talked mainly about the situation in France, in Europe and the European Union.

Thierry Seranne is French and he works on the chamber of commerce of Paris.

After a rather international career he takes care of a building which is called «  la bourse de commerce de Paris .

The chamber of commerce of Paris is a public institution managed by elected representatives who are business managers of the Paris region and this etablishment has an activity, who is to develop companies around 4 main line.

  • The first one it is to represent companies, to be a strength of proposal, suggestion for the government in particular
  • The second one is it the training, chambers of commerce are in France the second trainer after public education, and they intervene in particular in not bad business school.
  • The third axis is about the territorial planning for example : «  le Palais des Congres de Paris, Villepinte, Parc des expositions ect ».
  • The last axis is to advice and to support the companies.

This organization follow  carefully the latest news and events in Europe because they are  really concerned.

After having explained his job as well as its responsibilities, we raised the subject of France and Europe

Concerning the latest news, Thierry Serrane thinks that in France they were much mobilized for the presidential elections which were still a surprise because it would have been thought a few months ago that there would be no real stakes because the right wing was favorite and finally France arrived at a Situation of surprise.With a break-up of the traditional parties that are fractured (the right and the left) and a extremistparty ( Front National) which has risen in power but above all the only  from nowhere who was born and who inherited the paths of the right.Which are gathered around a known candidate from nowhere (“En Marche”).

I found Mr. Serrane’s analysis interesting because in my opinion it perfectly represents what happened during these elections.We can see that the rise of the extreme right partiy has been a great fear in the European countries but that at the time of the elections, many Europeans do not manage to pass this course which could put an end to the  Europe, which demonstrates that Europeans are de facto attached to Europe even if they criticize it very much.

When I asked him what he thought of the new president of the French republic he answered me “He is surprising, for the moment he is not bad, he has charisma, actually he  surprises me a lot, but I think we should give him a chance, at least for his first steps he is doing very well” It is true that currently Macron made a no fault, he met Donal Trump and for his first what can be remembered is their handshake that caused a lot of ink sink. Macron shows for the moment that he can be the man of the situation, only time will tell us. After spending a good part of the interview on what happened in France in recent months, I also wanted to have his point of view on what is happening in Europe. We are in a difficult context with many tragic events such as terrorist attacks that do not diminish.  We discussed the position of Europe, whether Europe is still as strong as a few years ago. His answer is interesting because he believes that Europe is not making the right choices, that it should in particular get closer to the citizen and deal with real subjects. What is often pointed out, Europe sometimes acts without worrying about the consequences for the citizens. Every decision, every law put in rigor has repercutions, and generally those who suffer from these repercutions are the citizens. He said “I think that Europe is not strong enough and that it has never been strong enough, Europe will manage to hold a Europe only when it will be a little federal and as today it does progress. Not, when one does not progress one does not advance, one retreats”.

Europe and the European Union are not unanimous, hope that some politicians such as Macron give a new breath to this Europe

This interview  was very rewarding because my interlocutor gave me very good analysis for every subject. This allowed me to understand an interesting point of view that was not necessarily mine, but which deserves to think about it  seriously. Moreover as a Frenchman I was not aware of the responsibilities occupied by the chamber of commerce of Paris, it is a very beautiful organization with a lot of responsibilities.


Alexandre Ulvoas.


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