First Vice-President Ms. Arantza Ezpeleta of the Spain-Australia Council Foundation

I focus on Australia, because it is a country that is too interesting and that many people do not know that it belongs to Asia Pacifica, and is full of interesting things, being so far from all countries , and Australia obvious located in Oceania, it has that personal touch that it seems Was so far removed from all regions.

And this is how I finally found this great organization called “Fundacion Consejo España”, although I will not lie that it was a little difficult for me to respond, but after waiting so long, I finally had a response from a great person and Especially very kind and clear apologizing for not being able to respond immediately but I was ready to answer the questions and I was very happy about the interest in Australia.

Of the person I am talking about is the first vice-president Ms. Arantza Ezpeleta

First, I wanted to ask you about the organization. The Spain-Australia Council Foundation is a private non-profit organization that is integrated within the framework of the Foundations network. It is promoted and supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, with the Aim to foster and deepen bilateral relations with Australia, a priority country in Spanish foreign policy towards Asia and the Pacific. It was also clear what the objectives were, adding that the objective is to combine efforts across a wide range of sectors in Spain in a single platform of civil society in order to promote common interests and to tackle problems Related to the areas of activities for Australia.

The entities promoting this initiative believe that this type of activity provides a boost to these interests at a time when Australia is a key player in understanding the world of the 21st century.

I asked if this association has any involvement to promote Australia and has told me that The Spain-Australia Council Foundation participates in high-level contacts and major actions designed by the Government and the Autonomous and Municipal Administrations to promote the Bilateral relations. And that also includes actions such as investment forums and business meetings, cultural and educational activities, as well as the development of exchange programs in fields such as science and technology, energy, art, gastronomy and legal affairs.

The Foundation also promotes initiatives, contacts and actions that are considered as a priority by its Board and which represent a wide range of activities both public and private. This requires a coordinated and coherent approach, as well as the joint efforts and motivation of all stakeholders.

I had to ask him about the agenda item that Obama had promised to receive 1,250 refugees and now the current President Dondald Trump wants to undo, has said that the program, which provides for sending to the United States. Of 1,250 Middle Eastern refugees staying in Australian detention camps, is “the worst deal of all time” and accused Turnbull of wanting to “send new terrorists from Boston to the US”.

Arantza responded with some laughter textualized, that surely she is reading this question began to laugh out loud and said that as Aristotle once said “The wise does not say everything he thinks, but he always thinks everything he says” and that Being Australia was not going to discuss with a person who does not know how important to strengthen relationships and to be well with the countries but he said to me you know eduardo the wise never argues and I think that will do Australia because we know that to see alone and that its governments go On the way down, will have to apologize, repent and return, so things work, but as I mentioned before, is a person who has no idea of ​​politics, etc, and a silly person who is not even able to give The hand to his wife Melania Trump, so Donald Trump to us is very funny and I do not know but I think the other countries are the same, who would think that this great power, this great country, would have a person to But we’ll see what happens and what we can do with our Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, and I can only say that, as Donald Trump has worked, it can bring strong consequences to the United States.

To conclude the interview I told him that I was Mexican and asked him how the relationship between the two countries is, and he showed emotion when he learned that I was Mexican and had much more interest in this distant country and told me that diplomatic relations Have been on for a long time on March 14, 1966 and that until that date to 2017 have had a very good relationship between Mexico and Australia that have developed an intense relationship, resulting from high level political dialogue, exchange of visits, Meetings in the framework of international forums and the deepening of the dialogue in multilateral organisms and mechanisms.

I am also told that in Australia there are also associations of Mexicans in various parts of Australia, such as New South Wales; Queensland, Western Australia, Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory and very interesting.

Arantza, thank you very much for this interview, for allowing me to give of your time, and I promise to visit this organization very soon.





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