Interview with Luis Videgaray Caso, secretary of Mexico’s foreign relations.



In this project, I’ve decided to interview Luis Videgaray Caso. He is the secretary of Mexico’s foreign relations since 2017, before this position, He was a politician as a member of the Institutional Revolutionary party of his country. For that reason, I thought that He could answer my questions with criterion about the actual situation in North America, especially in Mexico and the United States. Among all my questions, the main topic was about Trump and his relationship with Mexico and the Mexicans, and how that relationship could affect Mexico’s economy in one way or another. Not just their economy, also their future as a country.

Luis Videgaray, firstable said that said that the economy in Mexico has obviously fallen down since Donald Trump got into the presidency of the United States because of his new policies, which go directly against Latin American countries and that are protectionist. This basically means that He wants a total isolation, Trump does not want to belong or be a part of something bigger (some institution) that makes this world, our world, more globalized. That is why He is against the European Union for example. He had always been in favor and supporting the Brexit in this case.

Well, going back to the Mexican economy, I have underlined these words of Luis V.: “The protectionist threats of the new American president will decrease the PIB (Producto lnterno Bruto) of the country into a 1% by 2017”. He also gave some examples of why this isolation policy will affect Mexico: “I want to let you know that the most part of Mexico’s exports go to the U.S., and at list 5 million of jobs depend on the trade with Mexico. But the most shocking fact is that before Donald Trump was selected the president, both countries, U.S. and Mexico, used to trade more than $1.4 billion in goods each day”.

With his words, We assume that Mexico’s economy, and not just their economy, also the most part of Latin American countries, has fallen and decreased with intensity since the new mandate in the White House.

Now that We have talked about Donald Trump’s isolation policy, I would like to share some of the words that Luis Videgaray gave me about the construction of the wall, one of the most protectionist ideas of Trump. Luis Videgaray seemed very convinced on that the wall would never be built because in United States, as He said, the balance of power between the president and the senate with its different cameras is very strong, so that law of constructing the wall would never pass the approval of the senate in his own opinion.

Luis Videgaray Caso also indicated that the own idea of building it is crazy and has a lack of common sense because the wall between Mexico and U.S.A. would put thousands of lives in danger, it would not be efficient against the Drug trafficking and it would also damage the environment for reasons that I’m not going to name right now.

As We see here, Luis V. has exposed his ideas and answers very clearly by supporting them with data and facts that everyone can find on the Internet, but lets see now what his future perspective of the situation and his description of Trump’s first 100 days is.

According to the president’s first 100 days, the interviewed added that these 100 days are not enough time to evaluate what He had done and what He will do in the near future. In his opinion, Trump has screwed up in some decisions like: firing the director of the FBI James Comey, cutting economical aid to not developed countries, trying to switch the Obamacare, etc… But as He said before, this does not mean that He will not accomplish merits or good actions that will create a better atmosphere around his administration. He also added that these first 100 days made evidence on that Trump had not political experience and that this was a sample of that. But hopefully, Luis Videgaray said that things will change and that these past errors from Trump will turn into at list better decisions.

To finish up with my interview, I’ve asked him about his future perspective of the situation in North America. He didn’t want to be overwhelming with his thoughts, but his inner voice tells him than Trump will be destitute soon or later but before his 4 years of presidency for sure. His arguments were that the republican is unpredictable and uncontrollable, and that is something that is not liked by the republicans in the congress. Luis V. says that republicans are nervous about that and also adds that none of them really knows what kind of policies Trump supports. He said: “They (the republicans) would rather see the predictable, christian and conservative Mike Pence, Trump’s vice president, as the new president”.

 Isidro González Vázquez



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