“There’s no damning physical evidence demonstrating the direct involvement President Dilma Rousseff in the case”

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Elizeu Santiago, professor of international relations and Deputy Coordinator of international relations from IBMR-Laureate International Universities and a Ph.d. candidate in political science.
There’s a big debate in Brazil right now about the political crisis we are facing. I talked to a professor specialized in political science, so he can tell us more about that issue. Since this problem had come to light, there’s a discussion if the President Dilma Rousseff is involved and how deep it’s your involvement.

According to the professor, “The opposition alleges that, although such evidence have not yet been formally introduced, the amount diverted and the complex network of State officials involved make little believable that the mandatory hadn’t science schema.” He says that right now, the resignation of the President it’s not intented at the Presidential Palace.
The political crisis there is happening in Brazil it’s a reason of great worries among the population. The problem right now is to find a solution for it. One of the most difficults things to answer and to do it is to know how to get out of it. Elizeu thinks that the output for the current moment is painful. In the short term, fiscal adjustments that allow the country bringing inflation into the goals and that will reduce the deficit presented in recent quarters. In the long run, only a reform package could reverse the trend of loss of competitiveness and industrial slowdown.
And why everything happened? “Two sets of factors can be cited when analyzing the current economic crisis in Brazil”, he says – “The first are the external variables, which is affecting not only Brazil, but across the emerging world. At the domestic level, the reduction of international liquidity comes forcing the Brazilian Central Bank to raise interest rates, which contributes to the attraction of capital and containment of inflationary spiral, but, on the other hand, discourages economic growth by making credit. “

But, even with all of that happening, he doesn’t think that Brazil it’s leading to a crisis. In his opinion there’s a consolidation of democratic institutions in Brazil. “A Federal Police conducting investigations without major restrictions, a functioning Judiciary that analyses the surveys he submitted, followed by a Legislature that is heading towards establishment of a CPI.” That means that even with all the scandals and problems, Brazil it’s not completely lost.

The current crisis that the country is experiencing is in the policy, resulting from a growing popular feeling of dissatisfaction with the legislature, the institution with the lowest popularity among all the others. At this very moment, the Congress debate a broad political reform bill aiming to reform distortions of the Brazilian representative system.
The popularity of the President is crearly affected by it. If proven she’s direct connected with the scandals around the car wash operation, is feared by opening an impeachment process in Congress.

The professor Elizeu thinks that it`s very difficult to continue the presidential succession plans in PT right now. “It is speculated that an extended wear in the figure of the President may jeopardize the continuation of the ruling party in upcoming elections”.

To terminate, he says that some political analysts are advising the President to draw your image to that of former President Luís Inácio Lula da Silva, in an attempt to garner more popularity indexes.
So right now we just have to wait to see what will happen in Brazil and how everything will ended it.

Nathália Kerscher
Universidad Europea de Madrid
Alana Moceri

The peace pursuit

Iván Trujillo
The Peace Pursuit
Iván was the best student in all of his studies since school to college, now he is working on the Colombia’s embassy in Washington, with a BA in political sciences, now is one of the youngest person working for a foreign affairs office in his country. Now and after 3 years working beyond the borders of his country is time to ask him something about the Colombian peace process.

230117_10152245366300627_1897364452_nAnd the first question could not have been other that why after 50 years the peace does not come to the Colombian people a question that concerned all the Colombian population, but as Ivan said peace did not come until nowadays because: “The conflict had not reached a point where the parties have objective reasons to find a solution of a negotiated peace with each other, in the case of government and the FARC.”

In spite of have already passed some presidents but the current has something that the people trust, things like:“The government has acted with absolute prudence and thoroughness in each approach, conversation and peace negotiations with the FARC.” At majority of documents and interviews people just heard about the FARC like if this was the only armed group in Colombia or if only finishing with this group the peace could come but its more than that:“Peace is not to end an armed group. Peace, rather than defeating the enemy in a conflict is to build the guarantees that in the future there are no enemies in conflict.’’ a very interesting point of view in compare with the idea of the former president Alvaro Uribe Velez who thought that the direct confrontation acts against FARC will be the way but he did not regarded that “military victory occurs when you can change the enemies’ will of fight and their attitude of want to have in war things, things that they should have in politics’’

A good part of the Colombian population are skeptical about the success of the peace progress, is pretty hard to not take in account that is not going to be easy get a natural transition between violence and peace, many generations grew with this conflict in their life but like all the process, needs time because: “peace will be a collective learning for all of us. It’s not something that you are prepared; it is something you crave because you have not experienced before. Depends on ourselves discover that answer.”

all the conflicts around the world always have a winer and a loser but not only on the battlefield can win or lose, are many external actors and not all are agree with the end of the conflict: the gun dealers, the drug dealers, in this case in particular the drugs traffic are one of the most important issue becoming in “the main fuel of the conflict” but also can appear internal factors like conflict of interest among the political parties of the country high levels of corruption but “its a risk in all peace process”

At the end like always in a conversation between Colombian people can feel a strange atmosphere of hope, thinking that some day “the peace will come for us and for our children”

Juan manuel Trujillo


When i asked about the current situation of the country,he said that the country is not going through its best, not only economically but also socially because of the great inequalities is crossing the country with serious problems such as the difficulty to access basic necessities.
The policy is conducting Maduro is being continued criticism from the opposition because of their inefficiency and not due to the serious problems of unemployment and corruption within public agencies of government. As the high crime rates that are shaking
the country.
Also he put me an example of the situation so alarming that lives the country (The other day a fellow faculty told me that his mother had to wait about three hours in line to buy pork and finally could not buy it because they had no stock)

In terms of economic progress he said which according to government sources Venezuelan economy grew 2.6% in the fourth quarter, but in any case these data are Maduro‘s government facilitates and shortly correspond with reality as latent misery of Venezuela is undeniable.
Economic growth is one of the great battles of the government at that moments, despite being a powerful oil producer in the world.

Speaking about the last problem referred to US,absolutely true, this time the government of Maduro decided to divert attention with another of his shunting when the country is not the most ideal situation because all their troubles about social,economic and policies irregularities, as it has done since he became president
The idea this time has been mobilized 50,000 soldiers to protect their territory in a hypothetical case of US invasion after the last tension event occurred between the two countries.

He also wanted to ask about the connection betweenwe” and Venezuela, to which he replied that it is obvious the connection between the two organizations because of the similarity of their programs, but it is a great debate that both parties, the Venezuelan government leaders can deny that there is any relationship between them, diverting thus any questions you may be to the public opinion, but in practice it is true that relationship has existed between certain controls “WE” as is the case of Juan Carlos Monedero with advice to governments of Venezuela, so I would say that of course has such connection existed.

About the reality of Venezuelan democracy he speculated,a theoretical and political effects can say that Venezuela is a democracy, but for practical purposes doubtless things change, since a large percentage of the country’s public opinion supports the regime Maduro at all costs, but otherwise there a latent opposition denied the right to certain freedoms and recognizes some kind of repression by the government, so for that view could understand the idea that not entirely consensual democracy.


The Petrobras Case

An scandal of corruption in the Brazilian oil company Petrobras whose scope was revealed this week that the Dilma Rouseff (President of Brazil) political party was involved.

This scandal is about presumptive millionaires bribes to local politics by construction companies which won contracts among 2008 and 2012. The former director of Petrobras Paulo Roberto Costa in exchange to his reduction of sentence gave to the Brazilian justice a list of  the presumptive politicians involves, in this list appears one of the high ups of the Rouseff’s political party,(PT) the former minister of energy and mineral resources Edison Lobao the senate president Renan Calheiros, the deputies chamber’s president Henrique Alves and also three governors of states were Petrobras was making a lot of investments, states like Pernambuco were Campos was governor among 2007 and 2014

Also international companies were accused to pay bribes, a shipbuilder company of Singapur and three brazilian companies with Japanese shareholders according to Pedro Barusco former director of “Sete Brazil” a leasing company in charge of the construction of twenty-nine drilling rigs for Petrobras by shipbuilders, made ​​allegations of Brazilian companies and Singapore in testimony to the police. Barusco said two companies of Singapore, Keppel Corporation and Sembcorp Marine, are among the five shipbuilders who participated in the plan of bribes for contracts which also included officials from Petrobras and Sete Brasil . The testimony of Barusco, who admitted he is Sete Brasil officials who received payments

Shipbuilders had to pay bribes of 0.9 percent of the value of contracts with Sete Brasil to a group that included Joao Vaccari Neto, treasurer of the PT and a number of officials Sete Brasil and Petrobras. The companies involves in this scandal refuse and reject any participation on bribes and also Vaccari denied to receive payments from these companies

Aécio Neves the candidate of the opposition party rush to ask responsibilities for according to him: “the most seriously allegations of corruption in the whole Brazilian history” and also said that the PT has been stealing the state companies to consolidate their power.

Rouseff is the most affected in this scandal insomuch as she has been controlled the company for the last twelve years firs when she were minister and now as president, in less of one month after start her second term her popularity plummet 20 points and she went from 43%  to has 22%. For the 46% of the Brazilian people rouseff lied to won the elections and a 77% think about the scandal that she knew deflected founds.

The contradictory death of Alberto Nisman

Alberto Nisman

Alberto Nisman

The argentine prosecutor Alberto Nisman died under strange circunstances a few weeks ago. He had drafted a request for the arrest of President Cristina Kirchner, acussing her of helping in the case AMIA, Iranian officials not to be arrested for a attack in a Jewish center in 1994. Nisman drafted a version of its complaint requesting the arrest of Kirchner for concealment.

He wrote a deceased finally discarded his complaint against Cristina Kirchner requesting lawlessness and the arrest of the president, the Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman, and activist Luis D’Elia version.

Cristina Kirchner announced the creation of a new Federal Intelligence Agency: “a system that has not been diligence and has not served the national interest”, she said. The CIA believes that the death of the prosecutor Alberto Nisman is due to infighting of the Argentine secret services with the government of Cristina Kirchner and Iran had nothing to do with the case.

At first, The President of Argentina was certain that had been a suicidal case. But now, with the evidences, Kirchner has taken a 180 degree turn in her views on the death of the prosecutor. Now, she is convinced it was murder and purpose of it was to enhance the ‘complaint of the century” of Nisman against it.

She has one more year of government, which means she should have time to improve her image, that it’s very contradictory right now. The people of Argentina weren’t happy with all the contradictory informations about their president. They have made a lot of protests, asking for justice, meaning that he was probably murdered and he was suffering threats all this time.

Evidences are not clear yet, however it has been showed that the shot that killed Alberto Nisman was not in the temple, but in the right temporal parietal, about two inches behind the ear, it doesn’t cancel out the hypothesis of suicide, but neither cancel out the possibility of homicide.

Kirchner now it’s not very popular in Argentina, there are a lot of circunstances and facts that shoud be clarified, about the government, about the latest developments that were found and she is under a lot of pression in this moment, and hopefully the facts will be revealed.