The West hasn’t done enough to eliminate the Islamic State

It all started on the 7th of January 2015, when two jihadists, Said and Chérif Kouachi, initiated the bloodbath in the headquarters of the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo resulting in the murders of 12 people and wounding of 11.
From that moment we can definitely say that the Western Nations started worrying and paying more attention about the real threat that ISIS represents.

The reaction of the international community has not been sufficient enough to contrast the jihadists. Until now the men deployed in the United Arab Emirates that will fight the guerrilla group are only 600 and of course the number can’t compete against the jihadist forces. It was also announced that around 8 fighting airplanes, a surveillance plane and other transport planes will be disposed in the territories to contrast and fight back ISIS. The coalition led by the US is composed by 30 Western states plus other 10 Arab state including Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates supporting the Sunni faction in the two countries but also Iran has agreed to support the Shia Muslim population currently fighting against the Islamic State.

Furthermore, America has been a prominent country from the west in trying to stop ISIS. The “world has failed to find workable solutions to the most pressing needs” ISIS being one of them. The air strikes the U.S. has been sending have not been enough to stop them and Obama has also been deploying less foot troops into the Middle East. In countries such as Iraq and Syria, which has resulted in ISIS occupying over one third of Syrian territory. An American official, the Pentagon press secretary has said: “Air strikes are not enough to stop ISIS and ground forces are needed to retake the territory”. Until this is done with the help of other nations ISIS will continue to cause brutal attacks and mass murders.

The west has not done enough to stop ISIS in its path of terror and destruction. The Western nations are just as responsible for the uprising of ISIS as the Middle East. This has been due to “the U.S. and its allies destabilizing Iraq and Syria, creating safe havens for extremists and their groups which previously did not exist”. The martyr of the Jordan pilot in February 2015 also had a big impact on the West’s contribution into stopping ISIS. It increased the attention because of the brutal video going viral on social media sites such as Facebook. It should not have to take brutal attacks like this for the west to help, if more was done before maybe it would of prevented things like this happening.

The pilot was doused in petrol and set fire to by ISIS militants.

The pilot was doused in petrol and set fire to by ISIS militants.

U.S. Drone Strike Kills leader of Al-Qaeda who claimed the responsibility of the paris Attacks.

Nasser Bin Al Al-Ansi, the leader of the Yemeni Al-Qaeda in the Arabic Peninsula (AQAP) branch has been killed by some US drones. The drones in 2014 killed more than a hundred AQAP leaders and militants.



Al-Ansi was born in October 1975 in Ta’iz Yemen, in 1997 he was returned to his home country Yemen, and then proceeded to Afghanistan where he joined Al-Qaeda. Osama Bin Laden personally selected Al-Ansi for an intense training course in Afghanistan. Just after he had been freed from jail during a prison break in Al Mukalla, Yemen.

The AQAP was founded by Saudi and Yemeni Al-Qaeda wings in 2009, it is seen as the most dangerous branch of the global terrorist network of Al-Qaeda because of its number of responsibilities for takes on western targets.

The brain behind the moves of Al-Qaeda is the person who projected the Charlie Hebdo bloodbath in Paris on the 7th of January 2015.

This attack resulted in 16 deaths and many other people wounded, the attack was revenge for the French journalist drawing images of the Prophet Mohammed.

SITE, an international Intelligence Agency has reported that the leader who “claimed” the attack of Charlie Hebdo has been killed; these are his words: “As for the blessed Battle of Paris, we…claim responsibility for this operation as vengeance for the Messenger of God,”

One week after the tragic terroristic attacks, Al-Ansi had declared through a video: “the leadership of Al-Qaeda have selected the target, planned the attack and financed the operation”.

A U.S. official confirmed that Al-Ansi was dead, but would not say whether his death was the result of a drone strike. However according to an online video statement from an AQAP it confirmed he was dead. It is clear that he is dead but it is not certain when he was killed by the drone strike.

Al-Ansi has also claimed the group was responsible for killing Luke Somers following a botched U.S. raid in December 2014 according to MBC news. He also in previous videos had advocated that future jihadists not to head abroad and wage war in their home countries.

The U.S government have been using drones since Obama came into power, he promised policies to reduce war and the number of men being shipped to Afghanistan. Instead he has used an increased amount of drones that resulted in the death of Al-Ansi and many more Jihadists within the Middle East.

The killing of Al-Ansi has been a big achievement for the US government as he is the second senior AQAP leader to be killed recently. However Al-Qaeda is a forever growing organization launching hundreds of attacks every year.

Use of Drones in Yemen from 2002 until 2015

Use of Drones in Yemen from 2002 until 2015

The Reasons Why Imigrants Fled To Europe

The 18th of April a ship carrying between 700 and 900 people sank in the Italian waters, illegal immigration throughout the Mediterranean Sea from the Middle-Eastern countries such as Palestine, Syria and Iraq has become a problem and resulted in incidents causing thousands of deaths. War terror and the governmental situations’ in those countries has caused these people to leave their home countries to Europe, in hope of a better life.

The illegal immigration started from the creation of the radical islamic State insurgents and the mass war breakouts within the middle eastern countries which was maybe due to the Arab spring.

The leaders of these problematic countries are Fuad Maum that is the current Leader of Iraq who at the moment is more concentrated on the war with the Islamic State. Another important leader in the region is Al-Asad the dictator of Syria who is also tackling the IS and facing an adverse political situation. The third leader in the region is Mahmoud Abbas dealing with the Holy war against Israel famously known as the Gaza Strip.

In Syria at the moment there is a very bad situation, the regime that is in power struggles to fight the war against the Islamic State, however the “president” Al-Asad has guaranteed his officials the adapt measures to sustain the war.

In Iraq the government is also having problems tackling the Islamic State who have taken civilian lives from numerous bombing and has destroyed important governmental national buildings to try and gain power.

In Palestine, young children, women and men are being innocently killed over the holy war with Israel, there is a continuous battle.The governments have attempted to call cease fire but this has been constantly broken.

People have been migrating from the ports of Libya to get to Europe, within these countries as there have been several issues.  It is because of the war and terror in these copuntries which is forcing people to migrate and events like this have happned due to this.

The boat sinking causing Hundred of deaths within the mediterranean was captained by Mohamed Al Malek who was human trafficking illegal immigrants.

The boat capsized due to overcrowing of illegal immigrants, the boat left Tripoli at 8 am and by 10 pm in the evening the ship  started having problems. The boat collided with other container ships at night as imigrants where coming up and down to get air and this was shaking the boat. The captain also made steering mistakes which made the ilegal imiigrants scared and made them move all around the ship. Which caused it the boat to tip over and to sink causing 700-800 deaths.  There were many nationalties upon this boat including syrians,palestinians, iraqies and many more.

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The boat capsizieing.