The drug trafficking in Mexico

From February of this year, The US is sending unmanned aircraft to Mexico in order to stop drug trafficking in the neighboring country, as The New York Times reported yesterday. Until now, the agreement had been kept in secret because if legal restrictions and Mexican political sensitivity about this issue due to territorial sovereignty.

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The storms devastate U.S.

Alabama’s Government has confirmed that the number of deaths due to the storms and tornadoes suffered by US people the last April 27, are around to 128.
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Japón y la catástrofe natural

El pasado viernes 11 de marzo, una de las catástrofes naturales más peligrosas de la historia ocurrió a 400 km de la ciudad de Tokio, Japón.
Un seísmo de 8.9 grados, cuyo epicentro se localizó a 130 km de la costa noreste de Japón, provocó un Tsunami con olas de alrededor de 10 metros que arrasaron con cualquier cosa que estuviese en su camino, incluyendo casas, barcos, puentes…

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Drug war

The drug war goes on and the violence continues. People in the affected countries are losing any hope, are suffering from desperation, anguish and fear.

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The death of Osama Bin Laden

“Osama bin Laden is dead”, the president of the USA, Obama announced May, 1st in a video. After 10 years of hunting, a team of CIA officers and Navy SEALs killed bin Laden in a firefight. The news has been spread very soon all over the world. Newspapers, the internet and television programs are exploding with news, articles and criticism. But how do the different countries perceive and evaluate the situation?

It looks like while the rest of the world is discussing topics of the truth of his death, the USA does not have any doubts about it. Instead they are dealing with other topics, such as the miscalculation of a sea burial, which is an unacceptable procedure for the Muslim world and the consequences of his death. The fear of upcoming terrorist attacks is a current topic.

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All eyes are on Libya today

The political strife which started in Tunisia and spread to Egypt is now not only affecting Libya but also the rest of the world. The riots have caused that the prices of oil have reached another peak and the world fears that the prices will continue to skyrockets. The Middle East, as one of the biggest oil exporters has the power to cause another economical crisis. It is also said that the prices of any row materials such as steel and gold will increase.

Due to the reason that the riots have caused many dead people as well as fear in the country but also all around the world, Canadian companies are worried about the safety of their employees in Libya. Therefore the Canadian Oil and gas titan Suncor Energy was the first Canadian company which decided to escort their people out of the country back to Canada. Furthermore they have decided to suspend all of their running projects.

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Soldiers suffering from the Afghanistan war

There is a recent discussion in the Canadian country about soldiers suffering from their war experiences after their Afghanistan mission. The problem exists across the military communities. A non-published police document, which has been obtained by the CBC News shows a five-fold jump in domestic violence after Canada started to contribute in Afghanistan and troops experienced ongoing casualties.

Affected families are complaining about the missing aid from the army and feel abandoned by them. They stress on the opinion of psychologists which believe the rise in domestic violence is directly linked to physical and emotional trauma suffered by Afghanistan soldiers. A Warrant Officer interviewed by the CNN says: “Ever since I’ve come back, I feel like I’ve lost everything, employment, life as a whole”. PTSD is a common mental health problem among soldiers. American studies show a four-fold higher risk of violent among soldiers, but Canada does not trust American studies unless they have been proofed by themselves. There have been some programs to help affected families, but not sufficient as families reported earlier.

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