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The last 5th of May, the chamber of representatives of the United States of America met to vote the project to revoke and replace the US healthcare reform law, approved by the democrats in 2010 and promoted by Barack Obama.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, popularly known as the Obamacare, is a US healthcare reform law that expands and improves access to care to all the Americans, helping all those who cannot face great costs of medical care and providing health insurance to millions of people.

Considered one of the most ambitious reforms of the last decades and a great achievement in the presidency of Barack Obama, it may not be more than a failed project due to the desire of Republicans to derogate Obamacare and replace it with another policy.

The result of the encounter concluded with the victory of the Republican Party winning with 217 votes in favor and 213 votes against, with the very small difference of only 4 votes.

Since Trump arrived to the White House last January, one of the most polemical promises of his campaign was to substitute this project initiated by the past president, and since then, the republicans have focused on ending it, starting a war between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party.

Obama, annoyed, has begun to show in his first major political speech after the end of his presidency, his indignation by attacking all those who support the substitution of Obamacare, knowing all the damage that this would provoke among the weak, less economically privileged people, those who are in favour of the policy made by Obama.

Obama, a fervent advocate of universal health care access, said in a conference in Washington on the anniversary of Obamacare: “We finally declared that in America, healthcare is not a privilege for a few, but right for everybody”, defending all the citizens, especially those with more difficulties to pay the high rates.

On the other hand, Republicans have said that ending Obamacare and starting the “Trumpcare”, term elaborated by the newspaper ABC to refer to the reform promoted by the new president of the United States, does not mean leaving the millions of Americans benefited currently by Obamacare without medical care. Coordination between Secretary Tom Price and Republican leadership in the legislation will be essential to know what will happen and what policy will replace the Obamacare, maybe in the very near future.

The main difference between the Obama healthcare policy and the policy that Trump wants to do, supported by citizens with more resources, is that the actual president is looking to remove Medicaid (insurance health programme of the United States government), which provides medical coverage for people with low incomes, families and children, the elderly and people with disabilities.

Harvard Medical School and Cambridge Health studies found that 45.000 Americans die each year from lack of medical insurance. One way or another, regardless of who is in charge of the country, both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party should leave behind their differences to agree and develop a health policy that protects the health of all US citizens.




Article North America: Trump’s first 100 days of presidency … Failure or success?

U.S. President Donald Trump arrives in West Palm Beach, Florida, on March 3, 2017.

(Nicholas Kamm, AFP/Getty Images,U.S. President Donald Trump arrives in West Palm Beach, Florida, on March 3, 2017)

As usual, when a new president arrives to the White House, the media focus on analyzing his first 100 days of presidency in order to grade presidents according to their achievements and failures related to foreign policy and national affairs. And once they have that evaluation it is common for the media to compare those first months of presidency with the first ones of some other previous presidents who have gone through the White House.

This year the analysis will have more impact and repercussion than before, this is because the figure of Donald Trump, the new president, is kind of polemic and unpredictable, perhaps because his trajectory or because his declarations in con- ferences and meetings at national and worldwide level.

The trajectory of Donald Trump is very peculiar, because he worked during a long stage of entrepreneur and with certain appearances in reality shows. These are two of the most important factors for Donald Trump to be a different presi- dent nowadays, for good or for bad.

If we look back and focus on the period of time since Trump was named presi- dent, we can see that Trump won a large number of followers thanks to the con- troversial promises that he made, such as the construction of a wall between Mexico and the United States and restrictions on Muslim access to the country. As we see reflected in the newspaper “The Republic”, approximately 60% of those promises have not been fulfilled.

Other promises that he could not fulfill yet are: canceling payments to climate change programs, deporting more than two million illegal immigrants, and the promise of decentralize the education and push for its privatization.

Following the analysis process, we also have to include his part of the program that was achieved, as well as:announce the intention to renegotiate or withdraw from the North American free Trade agreement with Mexico and Canada, announce the withdrawal of the Transpacific association agreement, suspend the immigration of regions prone to terrorism or decrece the reconstruction of the Army.

As we can see many of the measures that the president has promised to carry out are very ambitious, difficult to meet or require large periods of time to be carried out. However, not everything has been failures and Trump has managed to fulfill in these few days many of his promises.

As a conclusion, we can say that Trump and his administration face a serious problem but in spite of the pessimistic comments directed to the performances of Trump and its party, the failures of these months are not as devastating as some may think. As CNN says “Trump will be low on the rank list. If he wants to be part of the pantheon of productive presidents, there is no way to make this case convincingly”.

But anyway, these first 100 days are just a very small part of his trajectory as the president of the USA and only the future and just the future will show us what is next.

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