The art of the accusation

The cross accusations between North Korea and the US.

Ever since World War II, the United States and North Korea have been confronting and accusing each other. Presently, the situation has not improved, but it could be said that it has worsened significantly. The main actors of these accusations are Kim Jong-Un (North Korea) and Donald Trump (USA), who instead of trying to mediate in international politics, are once again a concern for the international community.
The usual accusations are not all of the same typology or thematic, but they have a clear objective, which in none other than to destabilize the image of the opponent, and at the same time they are adding even more “wood to the fire”. Earlier this week, a North Korean newspaper published a report accusing the US CIA of conspiring to attack North Korean’s leader in an attempt to murder him.

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Earlier this week, US newspapers published a report on China’s support for the US and the unpolite attention Kim Jong-Un allegedly had with the Chinese government, which is a bit ironic because North Korea is highly dependent on China and might even need its help… in case of a possible armed conflict. This is what is known as state marketing. Not everyone knows the existence of this department of government that the states have, whose purpose is none other than trying to make their people and even the rest of the world see what they want us to see through the media. There are clear, fully verified examples in which the US has used its state marketing services, like for example in the Vietnam war, the conflict with Fidel Castro (Cuba) and even more recently, the war in Afghanistan.

Recently Mr. Trump has made a series of very unfortunate statements, something very common since he began his electoral program last year (2016). These are statements where he shows his great ego and almost touching totalitarianism. In which he warns North Korea, that if they continue to ignore the international community, they will be punished with force, for example the US has already punished them with economic sanctions, but they haven’t stopped their nuclear activities and other military actions.

22 is too many

A large part of the world population is wondering: Why is President Donald Trump acting this way? Well, there is a study that explains the necessity of the US to enter a new war, not because of a mere economical, geographical or political issue, but because the American army cannot remain without activity in American territory, since this causes a great problem in society. The number of suicides among American military has increased exponentially recently, due to their lack of activity when they return from conflict. (20- 22 daily suicides according to Mission 22).      

To conclude, quoting Bertrand Russell: “Scientists strive to make the impossible possible. Politicians, for making impossible the possible.”



Joseph Kony

After the campaign that made Joseph Kony infamously worldwide known, not only haven’t he still been defeated, but also he is still being the leader of the war that has, under his command, the largest amount of child soldiers.

Not long ago, we were told that there were ‘only’ a few hundred of soldiers left, but this number of soldiers has not only not been proved but is also in a huge risk of increase in a short period of time and very rapidly. This is considered for him the quality of child soldiers, they can be recruited, prepared and armed in an alarming short term, another considerate ‘quality’ of child soldiers is that it is scarily easy to gain an access to control them, even brainwash them, as they won’t be aware of another reality but war.


Joseph Kony, ABC.

In south Sudan the war and the quantity of children that are traumatized by this experience, converts into a perfect cultivation field for the recruits that have to be harvested, when they leave their homes due to the damages of the war.

Additionally the Sudan war turned into a contention wall for Kony, a conflict which covered his rearguard of possible offensives from the north allowing him to concentrate in specific fronts, and have an option and a way to escape.

Currently the South Sudan government have started to initiate ‘anti-Kony’ operations inside their territory with the support of international agent like the famous ‘white preacher’ that is well known as Sam Childers, a preacher from Minnessota that has since 1998 fought against the LRA (Lords Resistance Army), which is the name of Kony’s army.


These actions that has been taken out by public and private organizations seems to have induced the exile of Kony toward the Central African Republic with another 200-500 soldiers who would exceed the number of soldiers that Kony had under his command in 2011 (around 300 soldiers max).

This collides with the anti-kony campaigns that had been realized between 2011 and 2012, for despite of them the number of troops and soldiers has increased.

Surprisingly the actions that have really made an impact has been those of the same character taken by Mr.Childers, thanks to his effort and collaboration with the army of South Sudan they have together managed to expel Kony out of this territory and later on also from Uganda. Recently other persons of the Western World have track and report to the world in more detail the brutal activities of Joseph Kony, a very good and extremely precise report is the one made by Lara Logan for the CBS.

The future of what will happen with Kony is uncertain but with all the information explained before we can see that the only effective action against him seems to be direct action and military, not an awareness campaign based on wristbands and messages on twitter.

A marine expelled from the U.S Army for insulting Barack Obama on Facebook

The U.S. Army expelled on Wednesday a Marine for criticizing President Barack Obama on his Facebook profile. Sergeant Gary Stein was dismissed “without honors” for violating the rules of the Pentagon to prevent members of the Armed Forces make political statements. The incident has reopened the debate on the right to freedom of expression of the military and if they can use social networks as citizens.

“Fuck Obama, I will not obey his orders,” Stein said in one of his comments in March and therefore Sergeant Stein is accused of violating the Pentagon policy that prohibits members of the Army rule in politics or participate in demonstrations while serving for the Army.

Members of the Army must obey the rules of the Armed Forces, which Stein has called into question. The sergeant responded to the military authorities to consider a lawsuit that was dismissed “for exercising their right to freedom of expression” when using social networking as a citizen, not as a member of the Army.

After several meetings with his lawyers, told by himself in his Facebook profile, Stein corrected by ensuring that it was his duty with respect to the U.S. Constitution, not its political authorities, “I will not obey any order unconstitutional (and therefore illegal) or immoral such as orders to disarm American citizens or imposing martial law that denied his right to trial. However, I will obey constitutional orders”.

Yesterday, Stein returned to use his Facebook profile to defend himself, “I have spent the last 9 years honorably serving this great nation and the Corps. Even though I will be discharged no one can take the title of Marine away from me. I thank my family and friends for their support and love. Today is just the start of the rest of my life. Semper Fi.”

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