“It could become the most expensive waste of money in history”

Marina Barberá Matías

All the actions done by the president Donald J. Trump have been done to “make America great again” but despite of what people may say the intention is not what matters. Those political moves may produce different outcomes of those sought by Mr. Trump.

One of the f086c412irst decisions when he arrived to his actual position and one of the well-known promises done during the presidential campaign of Mr. Trump was the withdrawal of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Charles Kushner program director of the Bachelor in International Relations at IE University in Madrid Spain, sees it like the perfect opportunity for Canada to step into America’s leadership role in order to facilitate better trade, as Canada largely avoided the 2008 financial crisis by avoiding the risky banking practices that were responsible for the collapse, thus they are well poised to step into this leadership role.

Mr. Trump said “now American workers will be protected against competition from low-wage countries like Vietnam and Malaysia.” but the reasons established by experts for the manufacturing jobs decline differ from his. The central cause is the automation, which has developed into the decline of human labour. It is a fact that despite the decline in manufacturing jobs, the productivity in American factories has been increased. We are producing more while employing fewer. “This is exactly why Donald Trump’s plan to pull out of trade deals won’t only not bring back jobs to the American economy, it will actually hurt the economy further, as products exported by America would undoubtedly suffer with less trading partners.” Mr. Kushner said. The economic position of the U.S. as the world leader can be at risk by the isolationist strategy followed by Mr. Trump as affects their international image in the free market. Mr. Kushner said that in order to maintain its status as the beacon of the free world, America in fact needs to be a part of the world. It cannot afford to shut itself in behind pointless and costly walls.

Also, the acts done by the new president will without discussion cause changes on the relation between the U.S. and the countries from all around the world. The TPP was a pact in which the United States, the world’s largest economy and Japan, the third world largest economy, were together in a free-trade pact. The end of this agreement could cause some differences in the relation between Japan and the U.S., but the reality is that their relation despite the event from the past is better than the one that Japan has with its neighbours. “The dismantling of the TPP doesn’t affect current trade deals the U.S. and Japan share. Currently Japan is the United States 4th largest trading partner”. The relation among them will remain as usual but it is a fact that the withdrawal of the U.S. from the TPP will cause an economic vacuum that China will look forward to fill. It will be matter of time see if the relation between other members and the U.S. is enough to prevent China of fulfilling that position.

The relation with Mexico is the most affected by the actions of Mr. Trump as one of the most polemic orders is the construction of the wall in the frontier between Mexico and the United States. The main cause of its controversy is the dispute about who is going to pay for it, as the president of the United States has affirmed from the campaign that his country will not pay and the president of Mexico also declared that no Mexican money will be used for the construction of that wall, Mexico is face to face against the multimillionaire Donald Trump who has promised to find the way to make them pay and one of the ideas is through taxes. This will not be a good option as Mr. Kushner says that Mexican exporters would likely just raise taxes on American products as well as the prices of their own exports, resulting in price increases in the U.S. and ultimately the cost of the wall would be paid by Americans, not Mexico. Moreover, the construction of the wall will be unproductive as there are another ways through which the immigrants arrive to the U.S. so “it could become the most expensive waste of money in history as most undocumented immigrants in America fly into the country and overstay a valid visa.”


Date: March 9th, 2012
By: Ananda Cerdan,Ibón Joung, Sara Setién, Eduardo Márquez and Virginia Mazón


   Maori are the only tribe indigenous that exists in New Zealand nowadays which arrived there 800 years ago from Cook Islands. With the course of time they

have lost lot of their traditions due to their integration in the New Zealand society but they are still maintaining their principal ones.

   This tribe’s origin is the Easter Polynesia, from the Cook, Tahiti and Tasman Islands. It is thought that the name of the tribe comes between the years 800 and 1.300; the descendants of early settlers were named as the Maoris, to differ from what they call “Pakeka” or Europeans.

    According to the Maori legend, the founder of the tribe was Kupe who discovered the “Aotearoa”(Land of the big white cloud), settled in the north side of New Zeeland from the island Hawaiki (the legendary territory of the tropical area of the Polynesia), after discovering that the territory was inhabited. The Maoris already populated new Zeeland before the Europeans arrived, it is estimated that this Maoris occupation ended by the 18th century. But on 1772 took place the first conflict between the Maoris and the Europeans, by the end of the century the war ended causing more than 300 Maoris deaths.

   For the last 20 years after the conflict, no more European activity was noticed, but on the end of the 18th century and the early 19th century the first European missionaries and British whale-men, installing a new colony and economical markets. Finally on the 19th century, New Zealand became an English colony.

   From those 800 years ago to the present Maori´s tribe has change two of their principal manners due to their integration in the New Zealand society. Formerly, they practiced cannibalism, Maori enclosed their victims in small cages and they fattened them to eat that people later. Another feature they have changed is that they lived in big clans, which gave rise to many disputes among families; It´s was a very garrison town.

   Nowadays, although they live in small clans they usually gather for parties and celebrations in a collective land called “Marae” where there are a meeting-house, a dining room and a courtyard. At present, they survived on fishing and hunting of wild animals which lived in their same environment and of course they have left the cannibalism aside.

   One of their traditions which continue having today is their religious belief. They are polytheists. According to their religion the parents in the world are Rangi (Heaven) and Papa (earth). Both were united in an embrace from which they were separated from their children, leading to the entrance of light in the world. The rain is the tears of this couple for their separation. The children of the creator gods hold various powers.  Tane is the god of flora, Rongo of agriculture and peace, Tangaroa of the sea… According to them tane was the first one who created the first woman. They got married and of the marriage was born a daughter who became the mother of the Maori people.

“Ring means Heaven”                RANGI AND PAPA (a Pollynesian creation myth)                                                                                                                                                          “Papa means Earth”

   About their typical dance called “Haka”, a war dance for men in which the warriors make strong movements and rough that are accompanied by jumps whit a really aggressive expression of their faces, multiples tattoos and weapons, has been utilized as a identity mark of New Zealand to be more striking for tourist.This dance has created lots of polemics; due to its rough movements it is considered to be aggressive therefore many other countries have imitated a similar dance.

The New Zealand rugby team called “All Black´s” also has copied this typical dance to intimidate his opponents.

Some typical Maori tattoos are very common to see in young people skins around the world as a way of modernity and identity.

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