The “Frexit” election


First results came out April 23rd 2017 which marks a turning point in the French Political life, even in French society, which is more divided than ever.

The first turn of this election shows the rise in power of the National Front led by Marine Le Pen, the defeat of the Right and Left Political parties, as well as the appearance of a new movement. This one is led by one of the youngest candidates of the presidential elections 2017. What happened? What changed people’s minds? Are any of the current event in charge of this Change of circumstances?

To win, each of the two finalists must build a gathering much bigger than its initial one. So they need to attract as many voters as possible from the candidates beaten in the first round. For decades, this gathering obeyed the logic of the two camps – left and right – that dominated the political landscape. The elimination of the candidates of the Socialist Party and the Republican Party, and the qualification of those of the National Front and “En marche!”. Make this voice reporting mechanism unprecedented and much more unpredictable. 

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Marine Le pen is a layer and right-handed politician who has been decisive in the construction of the modern politics in France. This year, she’s leading a political vision that is taking a lot of controversies in the way of being discriminatory, Eurocentric and fascist. In order to understand her ideas, it is necessary to state three of the main arguments she is willing to fight for.

Firstly, she wants to expel France from the European Union (Frexit), this will completely change the organization of the European program after the Brexit was triggered. As she declared in an interviewI am a ferocious opponent of the European Union, so I’m not held to the choices that have been made, which go completely against the interests of France.

Secondly, she wants to change the national and international security program in which France must be taken out from the OTAN, this make a lot of debates as France is one of the countries in which ISIS had taken the most acts.The fear of the French community is becoming stronger after each terrorist attack, is the responsibility for the candidates to ensure their country’s security.

Finally, Le Pen includes in her political campaign program a new economic platform changing for a protectionism in which they will close many of the international treats,  France will lose a lot of international economic power. This protectionism program has clear similarities with Trump and May objectives, in which the three of them share similarities in their political view.

Macron is a former member of the socialist party, despite of creating the centrist movement called “En Marche!”. According to, his electoral program, the republican candidate give an overall Pro European Union view, however he said in one of his speeches  that he wanted to “make some changes so that the EU can be made stronger”.

In economic terms, the Republican candidate is promoting to make France more a business based on work and responsibility. He wants to make the labour market more flexible and talk about changing the electoral system, which would be more proportional. It is known that these days France is suffering dangerous problems with security, so as Macron established, he had promised to strengthen police and suggest to increase European Union cooperation. Furthermore, the Republican candidate said that it is necessary to make France multicultural.

First not-surprise of this first turn, the surveys were not mistaken. The presidential campaign was characterized by a permanent lawsuit blaming the surveys, in particular after the primary educations of the Republicans where the opening of Francois Fillon had been underestimated and in more general context, marked by the partial failures of the survey institutes to predict Brexit and Trump’s victory at the time of the American Presidential election. On may 7th the French people will make an important choice because the far right has never been that close to preside, which would be a first in the French history.

On the other side, Emmanuel Macron leaves like the favorite of the second turn, however the surveys show that voting intentions are very tight between its two candidates.

The stakes are very important because the program of its two candidates are very different in particular economically with the exit of the Europe concerning Marine Le pen whereas Emmanuel Macron would wish on the opposite “to build Europe of the sovereign nations and free people”. In 4 days, France, Europe and the rest of the world will know the future of France and its place on the European scene.

France resuscitates the left and right parties

By Alejandra Rojo, Isidoro Arriola, Rafael López and Patricia Martínez

In the video Hollande explains that if this French elections isn´t a national election because that will influence the course of the European Union too.

Hollande celebrate the result of the first round.

The first round of the French elections confirms the socialist candidate, François Hollande, 28% of the votes. As favorite for the second round, he puts in trouble the capacity of Sarkozy’s party of connect with the new generation and the working class of the conservative ideology, who has vote for Marine Le Pen.

The conclusions for the first round, with data of the Gallic interior ministry are that the Socialist Party has so much possibilities of recapture the presidency, 17 years after.

There weren´t surprises; 35 million people went to vote. The share stood at 70,59%. At the end, the most predictable results take place; Hollande should impose to Sarkozy, 56% versus 44% .For the first time in the fifth republic, a president that stands out isn´t the first in the first round of elections.

With his hyperactivity, his cocky outbursts and also some broken promises, Sarkozy has pushed to many of his old supporters, and also 4.5 million new voters to political extremism. Has promoted the revival of a classic weak left and even confirmed to Marine Le Pen as a leader ultra much closer and understandable that his father and, therefore, much more dangerous. The result reveals that Le Pen steals many supports to Sarkozy.

Between he and Hollande must dispute in the next two weeks the votes of that 44.5% of citizens who on Sunday, gave its support to any of the eight other candidates who attended the vote.

It is quite possible that Hollande will add to its 28.5% Mélenchon forces, Eva Joly and two other candidates from the hard left that would contribute about a 2% of the votes. But this amount would represent only the 43.6% of the votes.

On Sarkozy’s hand, is rather unlikely that the leader of the UMP will have the full support of the FN and achieve a score of 45.24%, as many supporters of Le Pen are disenchanted with him and no way want to help him stay at the l’Élysée, the headquarters of the presidency of the French Republic.

The trouble is there and they have two weeks to unravel the problem. The only two true facts are that Sarkozy is the only outgoing president of the Fifth Republic, who does not lead the first round. And according to the latest popularity poll conducted by TNS Sofres in April, the 63% of French have a negative opinion of the current head of state, Sarkozy. Therefore the result of the first lap was pretty bittersweet, specially for Sarkozy.