“It could become the most expensive waste of money in history”

Marina Barberá Matías

All the actions done by the president Donald J. Trump have been done to “make America great again” but despite of what people may say the intention is not what matters. Those political moves may produce different outcomes of those sought by Mr. Trump.

One of the f086c412irst decisions when he arrived to his actual position and one of the well-known promises done during the presidential campaign of Mr. Trump was the withdrawal of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Charles Kushner program director of the Bachelor in International Relations at IE University in Madrid Spain, sees it like the perfect opportunity for Canada to step into America’s leadership role in order to facilitate better trade, as Canada largely avoided the 2008 financial crisis by avoiding the risky banking practices that were responsible for the collapse, thus they are well poised to step into this leadership role.

Mr. Trump said “now American workers will be protected against competition from low-wage countries like Vietnam and Malaysia.” but the reasons established by experts for the manufacturing jobs decline differ from his. The central cause is the automation, which has developed into the decline of human labour. It is a fact that despite the decline in manufacturing jobs, the productivity in American factories has been increased. We are producing more while employing fewer. “This is exactly why Donald Trump’s plan to pull out of trade deals won’t only not bring back jobs to the American economy, it will actually hurt the economy further, as products exported by America would undoubtedly suffer with less trading partners.” Mr. Kushner said. The economic position of the U.S. as the world leader can be at risk by the isolationist strategy followed by Mr. Trump as affects their international image in the free market. Mr. Kushner said that in order to maintain its status as the beacon of the free world, America in fact needs to be a part of the world. It cannot afford to shut itself in behind pointless and costly walls.

Also, the acts done by the new president will without discussion cause changes on the relation between the U.S. and the countries from all around the world. The TPP was a pact in which the United States, the world’s largest economy and Japan, the third world largest economy, were together in a free-trade pact. The end of this agreement could cause some differences in the relation between Japan and the U.S., but the reality is that their relation despite the event from the past is better than the one that Japan has with its neighbours. “The dismantling of the TPP doesn’t affect current trade deals the U.S. and Japan share. Currently Japan is the United States 4th largest trading partner”. The relation among them will remain as usual but it is a fact that the withdrawal of the U.S. from the TPP will cause an economic vacuum that China will look forward to fill. It will be matter of time see if the relation between other members and the U.S. is enough to prevent China of fulfilling that position.

The relation with Mexico is the most affected by the actions of Mr. Trump as one of the most polemic orders is the construction of the wall in the frontier between Mexico and the United States. The main cause of its controversy is the dispute about who is going to pay for it, as the president of the United States has affirmed from the campaign that his country will not pay and the president of Mexico also declared that no Mexican money will be used for the construction of that wall, Mexico is face to face against the multimillionaire Donald Trump who has promised to find the way to make them pay and one of the ideas is through taxes. This will not be a good option as Mr. Kushner says that Mexican exporters would likely just raise taxes on American products as well as the prices of their own exports, resulting in price increases in the U.S. and ultimately the cost of the wall would be paid by Americans, not Mexico. Moreover, the construction of the wall will be unproductive as there are another ways through which the immigrants arrive to the U.S. so “it could become the most expensive waste of money in history as most undocumented immigrants in America fly into the country and overstay a valid visa.”

China – Next Economic Superpower?


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“Money rules the world” – This assumption is reflecting the world’s most fundamental structure but at the same time representing the most important component of the international system: the economy – to be concrete, capitalism.

Overgeneralizing – the economy of a nation-state means more prestige and, conforming to the UN, more responsability.

According to historical facts – since the creation and independence of the United States of America – the U.S. has always been a type of ‘policeman’ for the International Community because of it’s huge economy, and therefore being able to establish a modern and strong military army. But according to data retrieved from the World Bank, the U.S. will not longer enjoy its economical leading position anymore by the end of 2014.

China has become the world’s largest goods trading nation in the last years, to take an example in 2013 China’s total merchandise trade was $1,986 Billion larger than in 2007. China increased the exports by $992 Billion and the imports by $994 Billion. If we compare this data with the U.S. goods traded that increased $741 Billion, the EU $1,024 Billion and Japan only $214 Billion, we can see that China alone will increasingly produce more goods than these three developed countries together.

One of the popular claims about China that usually appears in the media is that this fast growth of their economy is slow in terms of the raise of consumption and standards of living, but this affirmation is not true at all. The professor of the London School of Economics Danny Quah noted that: In the last 3 decades, China alone has lifted more people out of extreme poverty than the rest of the world combined. Indeed, China’s ($1/day) poverty reduction of $627 Million from 1981 to 2005 exceeds the total global economy’s decline in its extremely poor from $1.9 Billion to $1.4 Billion over the same period.

On the other side, China’s structure is based on Communism but also having a capitalist economic policy. These strict policies that both the public and private sectors must obey are being regulated by the state, which controls the prices of goods and services. Thus, the dominant role of the state is being affected by certain restructuring reforms that produce large layoffs in a country without unemployment benefits. Under the state’s occultism it is difficult to assess the depth of this corporate restructuring. Without this public sector reform, financial reform is difficult, which gives priority to huge bank deposits – consequences are a very high savings rate and restrictions on capital outflows – whose destination are public companies regardless of their viability.

Economic transformation is not easy and China is facing inflation as well as social conflicts such as huge unemployment, due to its fast growing population. Currently the most important task is to find a promising solution to economic stagnation before China can become the world’s new economic superpower of the 21th Century.

China’s economic growth seems to be relatively new, although it was predicted since the empowerment of the Communist Party. It does not matter at all how many good or bad consequences this evolution will bring with it, –

as Napoleon said, “let China sleep, for when she awakes, she will shake the world”.

Some people think this will bring a positiv feeling in the international economy, and others think it will be awful or even totaly destructive. Which of these assumptions are true?
Future events will show.

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#RipErasmus (?)

Will the Spanish students receive the full Erasmus grant for this year 2013-2014,or will they receive less ?

On October 24, the minister of education in Spain, Jose Ignacio Wert, establish that to obtain government assistance for this Erasmus scholarship students must have received the Ministry’s general scholarship last year. This could have been that half of students, who have already been two months in other countries in their Erasmus year, would not receive their grant.


This produced a great revolution among all students, who began their protests through a social network, Facebook, which in just 24 hours, had filled nearly 5,000 Spanish students in all countries, and through Twitter under the hastag #ErasmusRIP, calling for the refuse of this new intent of the Ministry of Education.


This has caused that the minister Wert, after having spoken to the Prime Minister,Mariano Rajoy, the vice president, Soraya Saenz de Santamaria, and the finance minister, Cristobal Montoro, ratified and announced that all students will receive the same economic quantity than last year.


(Wert Joke)

Fortunately we meet some Erasmus student who are going to stay in Spain for 4 month. They confirm that the Erasmus grant should not be reduce, because there is a great experiences to travel abroad, learn other cultures, meet new people, have more confidence in their self, and open more door to the future.

As a Turkish Erasmus student, Kylie Wilbur told that living in Spain is an easiest and unforgettable experience in abroad. She also told that Spanish people are helpful and friendly. Erasmus students get a good friendship with Spanish people and they thought that also Spanish students have to realize this experience. In addition Spain is a country where people suggest to go for Erasmus because of their culture, entertainment, historical background and location. So not only the Spanish people, also Erasmus students all over the world become together in this issue.

The government should stop reduce education expenses. Because if it continue like this, the Spanish quality education will be worst.Our generation are the future of the country, so that’s why its worth it to spend this money.





Drug war

The drug war goes on and the violence continues. People in the affected countries are losing any hope, are suffering from desperation, anguish and fear.

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